Local sports include: Butler Bears Football and Basketball. Local teams participating in Playoff and Tournament Games include Adrian, Rich Hill, Appleton City, Drexel, Archie, Miami, Hume, Ballard, Harrisonville, Cass Midway, Freeman, & Pleasant Hill.

7:00AM ABC World News Update

7:40AM Jim Raysik Call In – Visit JimRaysik.com

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8:45AM Brownfield Hog Market Report

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9:05AM Local and Area News

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9:15AM Obituary Report

9:30AM Chicago Board of Trade Commodities

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11:25AM Swap Shop/Country Classified Ads (M-F Call 660-679-4191)

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12:05PM Livestock Markets

12:20PM Brownfield Headline News

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1:15PM Farm Break

1:45PM Commodity Settlements Closing Markets

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Evening programming will include local sports when in Season.

9:00AM Doug Rye Show ( Saturday)

10:00AM Golden Classic Music 10-11 am (Saturday)

11:00AM Bargian Buy Show with Host Dave (First and Third Saturdays of the Month)

11:00AM Branson Country USA (Seconed, Fourth and (Fith) Saturdays of the Month

1:00PM Branson Country USA (On days the Bargian Buy Show Airs)

5:00AM KMOE KMAM sign on

6:00AM Gospel Music

7:00AM Renfro Valley

8:30AM Lutheran Hour

9:00AM Gospel Music

9:10AM Thornton Conquest

10:00AM St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Mass

11:00AM Butler Ministerial Alliance – Butler Churches Participate

12:00PM ABC World News Update

12:03PM Obituary Announcements

12:15PM ABC World of Sports

1:00PM ABC Network News Hourly until Midnight

2:00PM Gun Talk Radio

7:00PM Gaither’s Homecoming one hour gospel music program

8:00PM ABC Sports hourly at: 15 after the hour, unless other sport games are being broadcast.

9:00PM The Doug Rye Syndicated Show/Sponsored by Osage Valley Electric/Kershner Heating and Cooling

10:00PM The Golden Classic Country Show/Saturdays e-mail your requests to [email protected]


Note: The Bargain Buy Show times are subject to change and up to date times can be found on the Bargain Buy show page. KMAM is classified as a ‘Daytimer’ AM radio station and is allowed by the F.C.C. to broadcast from sunrise to sunset.