Bates County Commissioners ” Letter of Concern”

A member of Facebook made public a “ letter of concern” to the residents of Bates County, regarding the American Rescue Plan Act or ARPA to aid public health suggesting that funds received were not spent appropriately by the Bates  County Commissioners.  

92.1 Radio Station and Mid-America Live Newspaper Life spoke with Bates County Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Ken Mooney, and Trent Nelson Southern Commissioner In their chambers on Wednesday, July 13th.

These officials talked openly with the media and brought forth the Request for Distribution of American Rescue Plan Act Funds Application Form and the 44-page Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds which gave an overview of the Final Rule issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, for those applying for  ARPA grant money.  

The funds allotted to Bates County were designed to benefit either:
Public Health
Public Safety
Economic Development
Water, Wastewater, and/or Stormwater
Behavioral Health
Bates County received $1,555,475.00.

The difficult decision as to where this money should be distributed fell on the shoulders of our Bates County Commissioners. The county’s best interest was the number one concern of Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Ken Mooney, and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson.

The following Organizations and amounts are recipients at this time:

Hume Alliance Ministry-$15,855.00
Adrian Rural Fire Department  $30,396.29
Adrian Rural Fire Department $53,493.71
Public Water Supply District #6  $250,000.00
Public Water Supply District #2 $375,356.50
Public Water supply District #5 $342,508.00
Public Water Supply District #3 $213,747.50
Bates County Fair $356,776.00 ( Total Requested funds were not available, $274,120.00 were given)

 Although Osage Valley Electric did not receive funds for the Broadband Project, the second round of grant money may be applied for in October of this year.

Detailed and precise records must be kept , and must be available in case of an Audit to prove where every cent was spent.

If you have questions or concerns contact your County Commissioners, they will be more than willing to talk with you or produce their financial statements for your observation.