1963 Game Day Football Returns to Appleton City

In news from Appleton City, Linda Lampkin stepped back in history with this sports information and a presentation that was held on March 10th. In October of 1963 Appleton City Bulldogs defeated Butler Bears with a final score of  8-7.  The Appleton City team coach at that time was Jerry Hedger a Butler Alumni, on the Butler team was Clarence Theodore Sweets, or “Teddy” as we knew him. Teddy wore the #48 Jersey for the Butler Bears. This player would go on to play Pro Football for the Toronto Rifles.

  On Friday ( today) March 10 @ 11:00 the winning football from that game will be returned home to the Appleton City Museum.

  Appleton city  Football player, Mike Bowles has had the football in his possession for all these years 59 ½ years to be exact. Mike will be presenting the football to the Appleton City  Museum to add to the School Memorabilia.

  Fika Coffee House will welcome Mike at 10:00  and after the presentation, the celebration will continue at the Appleton city Farmhouse Restaurant.

  Still nearly 60 years later the town of Appleton City will celebrate their BIG win.

 This information was submitted to 92.1 by Linda Lampkin.  If you have questions, contact Linda at  660-492-0131.