Unofficial Primary Election Results from August 4th Election for Bates County

Primary Election Ballot
August 4th 2020
Bates County, Missouri 16 of 16 Precincts Reporting

Republican Party
For Governor

Raleigh Ritter 115
Mike Parson 1905
James W.(Jim) Neely 230
Saundra McDowell 304

Lieutenant Governor

Arnie C. AC Dienoff 155
Mike Kehoe 1104
Aaron T. Wisdom 260
Mike Carter 636

Secretary of State
John R. (Jay) Ashcroft 2198

State Treasurer
Scott Fitzpatrick 2115

Attorney General
Eric Schmitt 2134

United States Representative District 4

Neal Gist 526
Vicky Hartzler 2019
State Senator District 31
Jack Bondon 1358
Rick Brattin 990
Bill Yarberry 163

State Representative District 56

Michael Davis 49
Chip Anderson 42
John Webb 12

Republican Party

State Representative District 57
Rodger L. Reedy 111

State Representative District 126
Stephen Biles 477
Patricia Pike 1828

Bates County Northern Commissioner
Ken Mooney 1083

Southern Commissioner
Trent Nelson 947

Bates County Sheriff
Chad Anderson 2234

Bates County Assessor
Melissa G. Miller 705
Carl Bettels 1709

Bates County Coroner
Greg D. Mullinax 2221
Democratic Party

For Governor
Nichole Galloway 657
Jimmie Matthews 60
Antoin Johnson 21
Eric Morrison 78
Robin John Daniel Van Quaethem 21

Lieutenant Governor

Gregory A. Upchurch 250
Alissia Canady 514

Secretary of State

Yinka Faleti 669
State Treasurer
Vicki Lorenz Englund 698

Attorney General

Rich Finneran 496
Elad Gross 239

United States Representative District 4
Lindsey Simmons 694

State Senator District 31
Raymond Kinney 671

State Representative District 56
Neal Barnes 30

Democratic Party

State Representative District 126
Jim Hogan 637

Bates County Northern Commissioner
Alvin O. Griffin 366

Bates County Southern Commissioner
Larry Hacker 377

Bates County Assessor

Corbin Boone Domer Wainscott 690
Curtis L. Koons 217

Bates County Collector-Treasurer
Jim ( Jimmy) Platt 828

Bates County Surveyor
William C. Lethcho 779

Bates County Public Administrator
Brenda G. Doody 742

Libertarian Party

Rik Combs 8

Lieutenant Governor
Bill Slantz 8

Secretary of State
Carl Herman Freese 8

State Treasurer
Nicholas (Nick) Kasoff 7

Attorney General
Kevin C. Babcock 7

United States Representative District 4

Robert E. Smith 1
Steven K. Koonse 6

Green Party

Jerome Howard Bauer 2

Lieutenant Governor
Kelley Dragoo 2

Secretary of State
Paul Lehmann 2

State Treasurer
Joseph Civettini 2

Constitution Party

Secretary of State
Paul Venable 3

Constitutional Amendment No.2

Do you want to ament the Missouri Constitution to:

Yes votes 1285
No votes 2246

Another New Scam – This Time in St. Clair County

We have been getting a couple of phone calls and one or two reports of people receiving phone calls in the area, with the caller ID showing up as St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office. The caller states they are an officer with this office and have a warrant for your arrest. They then state to go get an x-amount of money on a pre-paid card from a store and mail it to them.

**********THIS IS A SCAM!**********

If you have a warrant out for your arrest from St. Clair County, we’ll come to see you face to face! We will never give you a phone call to let you know you have a warrant. We will NEVER ask that you go get a prepaid card of any kind and mail it to us.

If you happen to receive a phone call like this or similar, hang up the phone! Do not give them any of your personal information! Do not mail them any kind of card with money on it!

Two From Nevada and One from Adrian Injured in Crash Monday, August 3rd

On 8/3/20 around 3:15pm the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Cass County along with Cass County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a 3 vehicle accident in northbound lanes of I-49 near mile marker 148.4 near Archie.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the accident occurred when the 1996 GMC Yukon driven by 25 year old Marshonna K. Clark of Nevada, Missouri was stalled in the left lane of the Interstate and was struck in the rear by 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo driven by 20 year old Keegan D. Goodsey of Adrian, Missouri then traveled off the right side of the roadway and overturned. Debris from the crash then struck a third vehicle.

Keegan D. Goodsey sustained minor injuries in this accident and she was transported by private vehicle to Cass Regional Medical Center for treatment.
Two people in the GMC Yukon 25 year old Marshonna K. Clark and 39 year old Dennis O. Hyman both of Nevada sustained moderate injuries in this accident and both were transported by ambulance to Cass Regional Medical Center for treatment.