MU Extension Barn Quilt Workshop to be offered in El Dorado Springs and Stockton

The Cedar County University of Missouri Extension Center will host the next barn quilt workshops for painted barn quilts on November 7th in El Dorado Springs, MO and November 14th in Stockton, MO. The El Dorado Springs event will be held at the El Dorado Springs High School Ag Building (921 S. Park St..) and the Stockton event will be held at the Stockton Community Building (209 North St.)  Both events will be held from 9 AM to 3 PM.  Cost is $30 per person.  Register deadline is one day prior to the event.

Participants should bring their desired size of signboard (MDO) or plywood, 1/2 inch thick, no larger than 4’ x 4’, with two coats of primer, containers for extra paint, and if possible an extension cord with hairdryer to assist in drying time.  Your board should be cut precisely square.  Depending on the complexity of the pattern and drying time, it can difficult to complete the barn quilt in our allotted time, so it’s important to bring small containers for paint if needed to complete your project.  Instruction, pencils, brushes, paint and tape will all be provided. 

Remember that barn quilts are not just for barns!  Smaller barn quilts (such as a 2’ x 2’) may be placed on the outside of homes, garages or shop buildings, businesses or churches.  Use a variety of similar patterns on 12” x 12” boards (can be found in most craft sections) to create a unique primitive wall gallery in an interior wall in your home.  The possibilities are endless for this distinctive piece of art!

To register for either barn quilt workshop, contact the Cedar County MU Extension Center at 417-276-3313 or by email at   Or register online at and search “Barn Quilt Project”

Bates County Museum Minute: Missouri National Guard – Company B 2nd Infantry Regiment; The Hound Dawgs: “Don’t Kick Our Dog”

On October 8, 1888 The Butler Rifles home guard is organized.  This would later become Company B of the state national guard. 

Ten years later, the Spanish-American War was declared after Spain was unable to peacefully end insurrection in Cuba.  The explosion of the battleship Maine added to the tension and American citizens wanted action.  The war lasted only 113 days and ended with the Treaty of Paris which gave the United States ownership of Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam.  The US took control of Cuba and ultimately granted their independence.

Company B was commanded by Vernon L. Johnson of Bates County when it was mustered into service during the Spanish-American War in May 1898. 

During World War I, Company B was commanded by Captain Harvey C. Clark, of Butler.

They were called ‘Hound Dawgs’ due to their habit of marching to the “Houn’ Dawg Song,” a folk song from the Ozarks and their mascot dog.

Today, the 203rd Engineer Battalion of the Missouri Army National Guard carries on the tradition.  “Don’t Kick Our Dog”

Courtesy of Mid America Live

City of Butler Flushing Hydrants

City of Butler Missouri

The City of Butler will be flushing hydrants in all areas of town starting October 19th, 2020 until further notice.

Flushing hydrants are a routine maintenance activity of the Water Distribution Department. This work will occur mainly during the daytime and evening hours. This work should take approximately two weeks.

Butler residents may experience some rusty water and should exercise caution when washing white fabrics. If you notice any staining of white fabrics, do not dry the material but repeat the wash cycle. If you experience stained fabrics, contact the City office at 660-679-4182 during normal business hours or the Butler Police Department at 660-679-6131 after hours and on weekends and we can provide you with bottles of stain remover.

Grand Open of Dog Park in Harrisonville

Harrisonville Community Center18h · 

INVITATION: Come one, come all, on 2 legs and 4, to the grand opening of the Family Center Farm & Home Dog Park 🐶🐕!

The Family Center Farm & Home Dog Park, located next to the basketball courts, within City Park, will host a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting at 5:15 p.m. on October 13, 2020, after months of collaboration between Harrisonville residents, community organizations, Elected Officials and City staff.

“Doggie bags” with gifts for your furry friends, will be handed out following the celebration. (Limit 1 per dog, while supplies last.)

Masks and social distancing are encouraged for all who attend.

We are thrilled about this new opportunity for our community and are excited for you and your furry friends to visit and play!