2020 Unofficial Bates County General Election Results

For President and Vice President
( vote for one pair )  

Donald J. Trump     6,595
Michael R. Pence

Joseph R.Biden       1,672
Kamala D. Harris

Howie Hawkins       14
Angela Nicole Walker

Don Blankenship     13
William Mohr

For Governor

Mike Parson 6,409
Nichole Galloway    1,762
Rik Combs    134
Jerome Howard Bauer      51

For Lieutenant Governor

Mike Kehoe   6,244
Alissia Canady        1,672
Bill Slantz     145
Kelley Dragoo         76

For Secretary of State

John R.(Jay) Ashcroft        6,523
Yinka Faleti             1,404
Carl Herman Freese          168
Paul Lehmann         59
Paul Venable           46

For State Treasurer

Scott Fitzpatrick      6,254
Vicki Lorenz Englund         1,669
Nicholas (Nick) Kasoff       167
Joseph Civettiini      37

For Attorney General

Eric Schmitt  6,298
Rich Finneran 1,557
Kevin C. Babcock    256

For United States Representative
District 4

Vicky Hartzler         6,538
Lindsey Simmons    1,556
Steven K. Koonse   195

For State Senator
District 31

Rick Brattin   6,322
Raymond Kinney    1,808

For State Representative
District 56

Michael Davis          244
Neal Barnes            95

For State Representative
District 57

Rodger L. Reedy     438

For State Representative
District 126

Patricia Pike 5,849
Jim Hogan    1,610

For Northern Commissioner

Ken Mooney            2,936
Alvin O. Griffin        1,373

For Southern Commissioner

Trent Nelson           2,386
Larry Hacker          1,521

For Sheriff

Chad Anderson       7,404

For Assessor

Carl Bettels             5,151
Corbin Boone Domer Wainscott             3,083 

For Collector-Treasurer

Jim ( Jimmy) Platt 6,741

For Coroner

Greg D. Mullinax     7,388

For Surveyor

Willian C. Lethcho   6,381

For Public Administrator

Brenda Doody         6,270

Missouri Supreme Court Judge
Shall Judge Patricia Breckenridge
of the Missouri supreme Court be retained in office

Yes 5,453

No 1,965

Missouri Court of Appeals
Judge Western District

Shall Judge Tom Chapman of the Western
District Court of Appeals be retained in office?

Yes     5,348

No      1,950

Constitutional Amendment
No. 1

Yes     3,730

No      4,297

Constitutional Amendment

Yes     4,968

No      3,145

Part-Time Custodians Wanted with the Butler R-V School District

PART-TIME/SUBSTITUTE CUSTODIANSThe Butler R-V School District is seeking applications for a Part-Time/Substitute Custodian.  This position will be primarily assigned to the high school at this time,  but may substitute and assist custodians in all buildings across the district with additional cleaning and sanitation procedures needed at this time. The Butler R-V School District is located south of the Kansas City metropolitan area on I-49 Highway.  We are a progressive school district that transitioned to a 4-day school week this school year.  Interested applicants should visit the district website www.butlerr5.org and send completed application, resume, and references to Dr. Calee McElwain, Director of Curriculum, 420 S. Fulton St,. Butler, MO 64730 calee.mcelwain@butler.k12.mo.us .   

FM 92.1 News with Election Reports from Butler City Administration Building Tonight

FM 92.1 will have live reports on air from the Butler City Administration building tonight. We’ll provide you with up-to-the-minute reports as the precinct totals arrive for this, one of the most controversial and history-making, elections.

We’d like to thank Cook Insurance, Agent Charles Rush on the Butler Square and Pyramid Roofing of Grandview, serving Cass, Bates, and Vernon Counties, for making these live broadcasts possible.

Adrian Optimist Monday Night Bingo Jackpots for November 9th

Monday night Bingo with the Adrian Optimist Club. Doors open at 5:00 pm and Bingo starts at 7:00.

Concessions are available on-site including great specials from the kitchen.

Jackpots for Hotball, Blackout, and King of Diamonds

Jackpots for Monday night November 9th, 2020

Hotball $800 with 3 hotballs  

Blackout $850 with 48 balls or less

King of Diamonds starting at $1,892 with player wins either half or $946 and 49 cards remaining.

You must be 16 years old to play Bingo
Adrian Optimist Club
11092 North West County Road 41 in Adrian