Bates County: Personal Property Tax Deadline, December 31st.

A reminder for those of you that haven’t paid your Personal Property Taxes, the deadline is quickly approaching. There are a few changes this year. A few reminders for those still needing to pay before the December 31st 2020 deadline.

Personal Property Taxes will now be paid at the Administrative Office on the southwest Corner of the Butler Square. There is an outside drop box on the east side of the Administrative building. The Bates County Collector’s Office will be open on Thursday, December 31st. At this time the office is open for traffic, We remind you, that due to Covid-19 They suggest you try to pay these taxes early and avoid long lines in case of added restrictions due to COVID-19.

For those mailing last minute taxes, on December 31st . Remember,  the post office postmarks anything dropped in the outside mailbox after 2 m on December 31st with a January 1st 2021 postmark date.

If you are mailing your Bates County Personal Property Taxes at the last minute, you will need to go inside the Post Office to make sure the Post Master adjusts the stamp to reflect the December 31st postmark date.

Any mailed from the outside mailbox at the post office after 2 pm will have a postmark date of January 1st and those late payments will be subject to fines.

The deadline to avoid penalty is Thursday, December 31st. Payments must be made at the Administrative building on the Southwest Corner of the Butler Square.

Gordon Brown Insurance expands into Harrisonville: Now Hiring

Gordon Brown Insurance of Butler has opened their second location in the City of Harrisonville. They are excited to expand their services to the residents in the Harrisonville area as they continue to help their clients that continue to grow each year. With this additional office , the business will be needing additional staff. Gordon Brown Insurance is now hiring and considering part-time and/or full time positions. Submit your resume to

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Gordon Brown Insurance

Butler: Whiskers and Tails notified of Animals and Elderly persons that need our help. Information here

Whiskers and Tails Animal Shelter of Peculiar is a small group that works with both humans and animals  who are in need.

This shelter strives to meet the needs of humans and animals in the surrounding area, with the basic needs of food, bedding, clothing, animal care supplies and items, personal hygiene items, utility assistance, animal medical care and animal pet food.  

The success is all dependent on donations from the public and needs for humans and animals are met as the donation funds available allow.

With COVID – 1 The Whiskers and Tails Shelter donations are down and resources are running low. They still have several folks who still need help in the Bates County area. 

Whiskers and Tails Shelter has been made aware of several families in Butler and the surrounding communities who are looking for help with the following things: 

Volunteers ( construction/renovation ) An elderly gentleman is needing

help to finish some renovations on his home before winter sets in. He might also 

need donations of certain items like some sheet -rock and floor boards.  

There is an older woman that lives in Butler who has just had surgery who needs help with her rent and utilities for both December and January. 

Whiskers and Tails Shelter is looking for donations for fifteen families who are in need of Purina dog chow for both large and small breed dogs. 

 Ten families have notified the organization that they are in need of Purina Cat Chow complete for their cats and financial help with spay and neuter, and animal medical care. 

They are aware of several families that are in need of canned foods, holiday meals, heaters, personal hygiene items. 

Whiskers and Tails Animal Shelter has a general list of immediate needs on their website under the Hope for the holiday’s tab. 

Any help, donations, ideas or resources would be greatly appreciated. 

There are so many in such great need these year that the organization is  running low on funds and items. 

If you would like to assist with these needs for the animals or the families on the wish list contact the Whiskers and Tails Animal Shelter in Peculiar by calling  816-974-0442or viewing the needs and ways to donate through their website or Facebook.

Whiskers and Tails s a Missouri Registered 501 (c) 3 all volunteer humane/human outreach and assistance non-profit organization. You can find their info under the Missouri Secretary of State, IRS or through a general search on GuideStar, United Way, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and many others. 

Our address and website info is typed out below. 

Vernon County Covid19 Update Dec 8, 2020

This update reflects cases that have been investigated through 12/8/2020. There have been 8,341 negative PCR tests for Vernon County. This count does include an outbreak in a long-term care facility.

Our increase in deaths include cases that are related to long term care facilities. Deaths are verified by the state as COVID related and reported to our county bi-weekly. We will not report any deaths until they have been verified by the state vital records office.

After review of the CDC’s alternative quarantine guidance Vernon County Health Department will continue to follow the 14-day quarantine.

We STRONGLY encourage everyone to please wear your mask when social distancing cannot be maintained, and to wash your hands as frequently as possible. We also recommend avoiding group gatherings that are outside your normal household.