Cass County Health Department Continuing the 14-Day Quarantine Period

Based on the COVID-19 activity in Cass County, the Cass County Health Department will continue to use 14 days as the quarantine period for those exposed to positive COVID-19 individuals. This is consistent with CDC and DHSS guidance. Once the risk category (as defined by DHSS) for Cass County drops to level 3 or lower, the Health Department will consider modifying the quarantine period in accordance with CDC and DHSS guidance.


Patients will soon enjoy a more convenient, streamlined process when registering for services at Bates County Memorial Hospital. Demolition and construction will begin mid-December, with an estimated completion in January, 2021. The registration remodel has been designed to improve efficiency, patient privacy, and the flow of the registration process.

“A hospital patient registration specialist is often one of the first people a patient sees when entering a hospital. The conversation with our patients is confidential, and this new area will be a great asset to maintain that privacy. We are very excited about this project and the ability to add privacy for our patients during the registration process,” said Greg Weaver, interim CEO and Chief Operating Officer.

Designed and constructed by Koehn Building Systems of Rich Hill, Mo., the new registration area will be conveniently situated near the hospital’s main entry. The enclosed module will have four stations, combining registration for tests, studies, surgery, outpatient specialty clinics, and all other hospital services except for registration for emergency and Rehabilitation Services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy) will remain in their respective departments.

“Bringing registration closer to our entrance is essential to keeping up with our tradition of outstanding customer service and will greatly improve our patients’ experience,” said Mark Mancuso, Patient Access Manager.

The registration remodel begins with demolition of the Auxiliary Gift Shop, where the new registration area will be constructed using prefabricated modular units. The hospital plans to build a new gift shop later in 2021, located at the east end of the lobby.

Registration and services will not be disrupted during construction. Once completed, the new registration process will be more convenient for our patients, more efficient for our staff, and appreciated by employees and patients alike.