Concerned Citizen releases Public Awareness Announcement regarding Meat Processing Plant near Bates County Memorial Hospital

The following Public Awareness Announcement is paid for by a concerned

Butler citizen. Butler City residents are encouraged to contact their Butler

Councilmen, regarding a meat processing plant, now in operation. The Meat

Processing Plant is conducting business from the former Thorco building

located on the I-49 business loop in the city limits of Butler.

The meat processing plant is currently in operation and has the intent to

become a Slaughter House in the future.  

The intent of this public awareness announcement is to inform Butler

residents and increase awareness .

At this time the plant is packing meat. The concerned citizen recommends

that Butler residents contact your Butler City Councilman regarding the

business license issued for this business.

Residents need to be aware of the potential zoning guideline changes to

allow the Meat Processing Plant to operate with the potential or intent to

become a Slaughter House in the future.  This public awareness

announcement has been paid for by a group of concerned citizens.

( Former Thorco Building )

Nevada Regional Medical Center Launches Vaccine Call Center

NRMC Launches Vaccine Call Center

In response to Missouri’s implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination priority Phase 1B, many have inquired to Nevada Regional Medical Center (NRMC) as to when and how they might schedule an appointment to be vaccinated. However, NRMC and most other approved vaccinators in Missouri face a similar challenge that they have yet to receive any phase 1B vaccine doses from the state.

Although individuals who qualify for Phase 1B vaccination may not be able to schedule an appointment at this time, they are able to request notification when it becomes available to them. For this purpose, NRMC has launched a vaccine information call center at (417) 448-2120. This line is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by live receptionists. Individuals may also complete a form online to be added to the notification list at Questions about the vaccine may also be emailed to

Covid Vaccine Update from Bates County Health Center

The following information has been released by the Bates County Health

Center in Butler. COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Although the state of Missouri

has announced that it will proceed to Phase 1B for high risk individuals as of

 today, the SUPPLY is still an issue. Both Bates County Health Center & Bates

County Memorial Hospital have signed up to be a vaccine locations and have

ordered vaccine, but we do not know when it will arrive. Neither facility have

 the appropriate, ultra-cold storage for the Pfizer vaccine, and are waiting for

 our orders of the Moderna vaccine – like most rural areas – that only require


Bates County Health Center will announce via Facebook and local media

when we receive vaccine and start accepting appointments, until that time

the center is  not making a waiting list.!