1/26 91st Archie Tournament

In the second night of the 91st archie tournament there were two games played. the first game of the night the Archie Whirlwinds took on the Rich Hill Tigers. Archie Took the win with a final score of:


Rich Hill:51

In the second game of night the Butler BEars took on The Hume Hornets. Butler took the win with a final score of :


Hume 35

Join us tomorrow night as we go live with more tournament action.

Nevada School Board Approves two bonds for April Election

The Nevada Board of Education members met at 6:00 pm on January 20, 2021 in the Professional Development Room at the High School to consider adopting resolutions calling for a special school bond election to be held on April 6, 2021. A motion to approve putting Proposition K.I.D.S. (Keep Improving District Schools) and Proposition New Elementary School on the ballot for the April 6, 2021 election was seconded and approved by the board 7/0. Proposition K.I.D.S would authorize the issuance of not to exceed $13,750,000 general obligation bonds at no tax increase. Proposition New Nevada Elementary School would allow the issuance of not to exceed $12,250,000 general obligation bonds to be used along with the $10,000,000 donation received from the Weber Estate which was gifted for the purpose of a new building. With a 7/0 vote the meeting was adjourned.

In Attendance at the Nevada School Board Meeting: Mr. Monty Smith, Mrs. Lois Pendrak, Mrs. Joy Hawks, Mr. Mike McCaffree, Dr. Jeremy Fast(6:02pm), Mr. Jay Sloniker, Mrs. Alyson Harder(6:05pm), Dr. Tyson Beshore, Mrs. Jodie McNeley, Mrs. Melissa Hendrix

Visitors: Ralph Pokorny

Clinton home Found Fully engulfed in Fire

At 3:21am Tuesday Jan 26th, the Clinton Fire Department was dispatched to 211 North Carter Street for a reported residential structure fire. The on-duty crew of 4 personnel responded in 2 apparatus, arriving on the scene to find the residence fully engulfed in fire. The fire had been burning for an extended amount of time before fire crews were notified, as approximately ¾ of the home had already been consumed by the fire. A defensive fire attack was initiated due to the extent and severity of the fire. The fire was brought under control after approximately 30 minutes of firefighting operations.

Fire crews were able to confirm that there were no persons inside the home. The sole occupant, Mr. Roger Buxton, was able to escape from the home during the fire. Buxton stated he was asleep in the basement when he was awakened by debris from the blaze falling into the basement bedroom he was in. He exited the structure through a basement door and upon exiting the home dialed 911. Mr. Buxton was evaluated for injuries by Golden Valley Memorial Hospital Ambulance personnel and reported to be unharmed. There were no working smoke detectors in the home.

An investigation into the cause of the fire was conducted by CFD Fire Investigators Fire Chief Mark Manuel and Deputy Fire Chief Matt Willings. Extensive fire damage to the structure prevented a thorough investigation. Investigators concluded, after interviewing Mr. Buxton, that a wood fireplace located in the basement of the home was the likely cause of the fire. There were no working utilities at the home. The fire was believed to have started as a result of an improperly installed woodstove flue pipe.

The home suffered extensive fire damage and was deemed a total loss. Clinton Fire crews were on scene for approximately 3 hours. Assisting agencies included the Clinton Police Department, Golden Valley Hospital Ambulance, and the American Red Cross.