Nevada man Arrested for Burglary of Tobacco Shack

Early Thursday morning Vernon County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of a burglary that occurred in the overnight hours.

According to Sheriff’s Office officials, deputies were dispatched to the Tobacco Shack just outside city limits of Nevada.
During the investigation, Vernon County Sheriff’s Detectives were able to identify the vehicle and suspect,
who was apprehended late Friday evening.

During a search of the suspect’s vehicle, suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were located.

The suspect has been identified as 29-year-old Ethan Orr of Nevada MO.

Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher said, “Investigators did an excellent job at processing the evidence and locating the subject quickly.”

A warrant was issued over the weekend for Orr charging him with Burglary 2nd Degree, Stealing, and Possession of Controlled

Orr is currently being held at the Vernon County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Tumor Board Collaborates on Cancer Patient Care at BCMH

A board of medical professionals has been formed at Bates County Memorial Hospital to collaborate on cancer patient cases. The Tumor Board was created to provide a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, bringing together oncology, radiology and pathology specialists to aid in decision-making and improve care coordination.

The Tumor Board gives our primary care providers a setting to discuss their patients’ cases with the multidisciplinary team. The goal is to prevent and diagnose cancers, plan treatment and evaluate decisions, as well as to help establish the best treatment plan for our patients without having to travel to facilities far outside of the community.

Any of the physicians or mid-levels on the Tumor Board may refer a patient to the tumor conference. Data is collected and sent to radiologists and pathologists on the board, who then prepare films, slides and reports to be presented at the monthly Tumor Board Conference. Members give input during the conference and help in the decision-making process. The oncologist and the primary care provider discuss items specific to each patient, enhancing continuity of care.

For patients, there is comfort knowing their primary care provider, who often has a better understanding of their health history, is collaborating with oncologists other medical professionals to coordinate their best care and treatment.

The first Tumor Board Conference was held at BCMH on July 28 and will meet once a month.

All medical staff and mid-levels at Bates County Memorial Hospital are members of the Tumor Board, including Family Care Clinic providers, Radiologist Dr. Corey Chopra, Pathologist Dr. Kevin Madigan, Pulmonologist Dr. Timothy Smith, and the Oncology team: Dr. Jaswinder Singh, Brandi Sampson, NP, and Moied Riaz, NP. BCMH Chemo nurses are also on the Tumor Board: Karen Landers, RN; Kate Long, RN and Stephanie Boin, RN. The board is coordinated by Ann Donnohue, RN, Outpatient Specialty Clinic Supervisor.


Cracking Down on Copper Thieves

A bill approved by the General Assembly and recently signed into law by Gov. Parson will close a loophole in Missouri’s laws regarding the theft of copper and precious metals.

Missouri currently tracks every time a business purchases scrap metal, junk, or other materials that include copper, but an exemption leaves such transactions unrecorded if the material is valued at less than $50.  Legislation (HB 69) now set to become law repeals that exception so that all such sales will be recorded.

The bill’s sponsor said it will deter copper theft, which is a problem statewide.  He’s heard of thieves stripping copper from vacant houses in his district and doing tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

“By doing this then they can track who’s been stealing copper and who’s been selling it, and if you can’t sell it, why break in and steal it?” he said.

The bill also aims to address a dramatic increase in recent years in the theft of catalytic converters. It makes such thefts a Class-E felony, punishable by up to four years in prison.

The bill sponsor said, “Thieves get a battery-powered saw and cut a catalytic converter out and probably in 2 or 3 minutes, and they’ll be gone. That’s happened again to my town just the other day.  They went to an auto dealer lot and they had already cut out five or six catalytic converters before being discovered.”

Under the bill a detached catalytic converter also cannot be altered or destroyed for five days after it is bought. Another provision increases from five days to ten the time a pawn shop owner must wait before melting down precious metals, in case they’ve bought stolen items. The legislation also increases the length of time records on the sales of certain metals must be maintained from two years to three. The provisions in the bill take effect August 28.

Funding for Roads and Bridges Signed in to Law:  SB 262 is meant to increase transportation funding for critical state and local infrastructure projects across the state of Missouri. The bill will generate the funding by increasing the state’s fuel tax by 2.5 cents per gallon each year for five years, beginning in 2021.

Gov. Parson said, “With nearly $1 billion in unfunded transportation needs each year, we can no longer wait for another day or another generation. We must change course and address these problems head-on. SB 262 provides vital revenue that will help us fund essential road and bridge projects all across the state. Quality roads and bridges increase the efficiency and safety of our roadways, invite travelers and business investment, and save Missourians money.”

The governor noted that Missouri has the seventh largest transportation system in the nation but only ranks 45th in available revenue per road mile. Over the last 25 years, the state has not significantly increased funding streams for state or local transportation projects, while the cost to maintain Missouri roadways has continued to increase significantly. 

The bill could increase transportation funding by more than $450 million once its provisions are fully implemented. An estimated $330 million per year would be available for the State Road Fund administered by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), and nearly $125 million – approximately 30 percent of total revenue – would go directly to cities and counties for local transportation projects. 

REFUND:  The bill also includes a provision to allow Missourians to avoid the increased fuel tax. Missourians that do not wish to increase their contributions to state and local roadway repair and replacement projects can submit the required documentation – including fuel receipts – to the Missouri Department of Revenue each year for a refund. 

For more information, contact Representative Patricia Pike at or call 573-751-5388.

Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site hosts public information meeting Aug. 21st

Representatives from Missouri State Parks invite the public to attend an informational meeting at Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site on Saturday, Aug. 21. The meeting will begin at 10 a.m. at the site’s picnic shelter.

The public is invited to share comments and ask questions about the park and its operations. Representatives from the park will be present to provide information and to answer questions.

Input from the public is important to Missouri State Parks. These informational meetings, which are being held in all state parks and historic sites, help create two-way communication with the public. The meetings give staff the opportunity to let people know the current status and future plans for the park or historic site, and they offer visitors the opportunity to comment on the facilities. For a list of scheduled informational meetings, visit

The public is strongly encouraged to follow social-distancing guidelines and be proactive in protecting themselves and others.

Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site is located at 4837 NW County Road 1002, Butler, in western Missouri. For more information, please contact Stockton State Park at 417-276-4259.

For more information on state parks and historic sites, visit Missouri State Parks is a division of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.