2022 Bates County Fair Baby Contest Results

The 2022 Bates County Fair Baby Contest was held on the evening of Wednesday, July 6th.  There were many entries but the following are the winners in their respective categories.

0-3 month girls: Paisley Jo Carroll. Daughter of Austin and Jaclyn Carroll.

4-6 months girls: Peyton Raybourn. Daughter of Harrison and Sarah Raybourn.

4-6 months boys: Asher Compton. Son of Devin and Ashley Cumpton.

7-12 month girls: Aspen Babcock. Daughter of Sean Babcock and Ashley Fennewald. 

7-12 month boys: Tate Alan Durbin. Son of Michael and Meghan Durbin.

13-18 month girls: Marlee Shannon. Daughter of Jacob and Ashley Shannon.

13-18 boys: Wade Snider. Son of Pace and Cassie Snider.

19-24 months girls: Reagan Black. Daughter of Austin and Laura Black.

19-24 months boys: Ryker Diehl. Son of Dirk and Natosha Diehl. 

25-36 months girls: Vayda Douty. Daughter of Briana Douty and Domanic Maynard.

25-36 months boys: Carson Nieder. Son of Colby and Amanda Nieder.

37-48 months girls: Nora Ashlyn Phillips. Daughter of Brandon and Amanda Phillips.

37-48 months boys: Walker Snider. Son of Pace and Cassie Snider.

Congratulations to all the winners.