Bates County Fair 2022/ July 5th-10th Pending schedule released

Fair Information: 2022

The schedule is posted at the bottom of this post. There are some important dates coming up that are important to remember.

May 27: Sheep, goat and swine nomination forms due

June 7: Livestock entry forms due

June 26: Fairground clean-up

June 30: Fair building set-up for evaluation judging

July 5-10: Bates County Youth Fair

We are finishing up the Fair book and will get it posted on the website hopefully today.


Tuesday, July 5

6:00 am 4H Horse registration

7:00 am Horse Show

10:00 am 4H & FFA Evaluation Judging

5:00 pm Parade

5:30 pm Bates Co Bash Food

6:30 pm Fashion Review

7:30 pm Pee Wee Livestock Show

Wednesday, July 6

7:30 am Junior Goat & Sheep Weigh-in

8:00 am Rabbits & Poultry Check In

9:00 am Junior Rabbit Show

Junior Poultry Show will follow the Rabbit Show (there will be a short break)

1:00 pm Junior Goat Show

3:00 pm Junior Sheep Show

6:00 pm Baby Show

6:30 pm Super Teens

7:30-10 pm Swine Weigh-in

Thursday, July 7

8:00 am Junior Swine Show

10:00 am Beef Weigh-in

3:00 pm Junior Beef & Steer Show

5:00 pm Cattleman’s Steak Dinner

7:00 pm Tractor Pull

Friday, July 8

9:00 am Round Robin

5:00 pm Bates Co Fair Board Steak & Chop Dinner

7:00 pm Awards

7:30 pm Junior Livestock Sale

Saturday & Sunday, July 9-10

10:00 am Draft Horse and Mule Show

Butler: Donations needed for the Carpenters Cup Gift and Book Store Supply Room.

This public service message is from the Carpenter’s Christian gift and book store in Butler. As you know they provide many services for the community, including providing for the needs of those less fortunate.

As of today, they have informed FM 92.1 that the storage bank is almost completely depleted of personal care items, and food items to give away.

The supply room is in need of our help to replenish the shelves for those in need.  If you had a garage sale and have some good socks leftover, wash clothes and or towels, and want to give them away, they will take them.

The Carpenter’s Cup is also in need of backpacks, personal care items, and food items, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, hairbrushes, and combs. If you have daily hygiene items or food items to donate, they will all be appreciated.

The Carpenters Cup Gift and Book Store is located at the underpass on 52 West just past the Butler stoplight on business 1-49. God bless you for your donations.