Bates County Sheriff’s Office Receives New Equipment

Bates county sheriffs office

Today the Bates County Sheriff’s Office received equipment to assist for officer and civilian safety. After the Uvalde school shooting the Sheriffs Office reviewed equipment necessary for a rapid response by individual deputies within our own agency.

After reviewing options, researching different shields and talking with other local law enforcement officials, it was determined that the sheriffs office purchase the same shields that the police department purchased.

Today we started deploying rapid response shields to every patrol car in the field. The Alpha Shields are designed by Hardcore Defense. The total cost for the shields was $3950.00 and has been paid for using budgeted funds already in the Sheriffs Office budget.

“The Deputies have been trained and know that my expectation in these situations is a rapid deployment to engage any threat in our schools, workplaces or public locations. My job as Sheriff is to ensure they get the training and the best equipment to do the job we all expect.”says Sheriff Anderson. “These shields are one more tool for them to be successful and help protect our community.”

Bates County Fair Baby Contest

Beta Sigma Phi’s Annual Baby Contest hits the Bates County Fair

on Wednesday, July 5th. Registration for babies and toddlers

begin at 5 pm with the baby contest promptly at 6:30. Babies zero

to 24 months will be diapers only. Toddlers 24 months to 48

months will be judged with swimwear and/or accessories. It’s all

part of the Bates County Fairs’ 50th  year and still going strong! All

proceeds go toward Beta Sigma Phi’s scholarship fund. That’s the

annual Bates County Fair Baby Contest 5 pm Wednesday, July


Bates County Cattlemen’s Steak Dinner

The Bates County Cattlemen’s Steak Dinner will be served Thursday, July 7th from the Bates

County Fairgrounds in Butler. Serving will start at 5:00 pm. Each meal will include a Certified

Angus Beef strips, baked potato, baked beans, coleslaw, iced tea or water, and a dinner roll.

The meal is set at $22.00 per plate. It’s first come first serve until the food runs out!

That’s the Bates County Cattlemen’s Steak Dinner, Thursday, July 7th from 5 pm until the food runs out!