Attention Miami Elementary Parents

Miami School has some exciting news for parent of Pre-K through 6th grade! Thanks to the generous donations of the community, Friendship Club, Miami School Alumni, Living Word Adventist Fellowship, and unused funds when Wesley Hubbard had a fundraiser/ community donation back to school drive a couple of years ago, Miami School will now be able to purchase gym shoes for each elementary student.

These shoes will stay at the school and be used for PE and at the end of the year students will take them home.

Parents can text 660-464-0132 or call 660-267-3480 or send a message on Miami Facebook page.

Miami School will need your child’s name, grade, and shoe size.

Pass the word and get the information to Miami School as soon as possible! It’s will take a little while to shop for 89 pairs of shoes! And, they would like to have them for the kids the first day!

Foundation Seeks Community Involvement for Proposed Regional Activity Center 

The Bates County Community Health Foundation (BCCHF) has begun preliminary efforts to explore the construction of a community center and invites members of the community to be involved.

In May, the Board of Directors of Bates County Memorial Hospital (BCMH) was approached by an investment broker. The broker had set up a trust several years ago to be used toward a Community Center for the Butler area and requested that it be constructed on the BCMH campus.

An Action Committee has been organized to spearhead this project. In the next month, the committee will meet with several architects and YMCA officials to explore the best options.

In 2019, BCMH completed a Community Health Needs Assessment in which the hospital held town hall meetings for residents of Bates County. The hospital retained a consultant who published a report based on community feedback, and the findings showed a community center was top on the list.

The project has temporarily been named: “Proposed Regional Activity Center” to include everyone from the Bates County area. All donations for a community center will be routed through BCCHF, a tax-deductible charity.

How the Community Can Help:

Complete a survey indicating your interest in what you and your family would utilize in a regional activity center: