Osage Valley Electric Cooperative to Hold 84th Annual Meeting

The 84th Annual Meeting of the members of Osage Valley Electric Cooperative Association will be held at the Benson Center in Clinton, Missouri on Thursday, August 25, 2022. At the annual meeting, members exercise their rights as member/owners of their electric cooperative. The members learn how their cooperative is doing financially, elect three directors to serve a three-year term, and enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Each registered member who attends will receive a commemorative gift and $5.00 credit on their electric bill.  Additional electric credit certificates and other prizes will be given away throughout the evening. Members must be present to win. Bbq Sandwiches by bates county cattlemen,  chips, and ice cream will be served between 5:00 – 7:00 pm. A reminder that the pool will not be open for use.

 Registration begins at 5:00 pm, with the business meeting convening at 7:00 pm. Musical entertainment will be provided by Garden Party.  The offices at Butler and Clinton will only be open from 9:00-11:00 am on August 25h  due to annual meeting preparations. They would also like to remind members to bring their registration slip that is in the August issue of the Rural Missouri.

Compass Health Dental OFfice

Is toothache discomfort …..a normal part of your life….. Because dental care is not in your budget. The dental office of compass health network of Butler is ready to meet your entire family’s dental health care needs. Dr. Issac Dains and dr. Melissa Boerema scheduled dental appointments from their compass health network’s dental office in Butler. Dental care for infants to senior citizens. Providing a sliding scale rate for lower-income patients, those on a fixed income. Dental patients with insurance plans or self-pay patients. Compass health network 205 east Dakota Street in Butler. 8 am until 6 pm. 660-890-8195.

Bates County Commission

Approved bills/ Hunter Kelly/Culvert Bid Opening

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

3:02 PM

2nd day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

9:30 am Hunter Kelly representing Josh Hawley’s office wanting to check on the needs of Bates County. He has been with Mr. Hawley in D.C. and is not working in the area for his office. Mr. Kelly is from the Kansas City area.  Congress has just recessed. Mr. Kelly was wanting to know if there was anything he could relay to Mr. Hawley that was a concern for our area. The Commissioners brought up the relief from the higher fuel prices as being a huge concern. The Administration doesn’t seem to be getting this done. The ARPA funds designed for infrastructure was surely needed. However, adding the rest of the allowances just reverted it back to mirroring the CARES act. Our County has kept to keeping it mostly infrastructure. With many water districts getting the funding they have needed for repairs and maintenance. A rural fire district used their award for a much-needed trucks. Road repairs are a smaller county (township county) issue. Repair moneys come from the state taxes on vehicle licenses, vehicle sales tax and state fuel tax. This is obviously not enough. CART (county aid road trust) money is a big help but again difficult to get all the work needed due to most roads being gravel on dirt. These roads are not really made to handle the farmers loads that run up and down them. The Commission has also made the important decision of handling the rock dust cloud that interferes with visibility on the major Highway running through the county. Purchasing a granular product to spread on the gravel roads to hold this dust down. There are 15 miles on the roads adjacent to I-49 where the problem exist, at this time. Our county has about 1000 miles of gravel roads. Railroads in need to be maintained. Price costs are high making the decision to truck instead. Rail lines are important. They need to be kept open in rural areas for feed and fertilizer as well as other supplies.  With the changes in  to the MoDOT ratings on the bridges places more funding needed from counties for repairs to those bridges that are not considered not to be repaired. The process of dealing with MoDOT BRO (Missouri Department of Transportation Bridge Repair) has changed as well.  Counties used to deal directly with MoDOT one on one. Now we have be grouped into a 7-county group under Kaysinger (RPG) Regional Planning Group completing for repairs to bridges.

Mr. Kelly assures us the Mr. Hawley is working for:

  • Opening gas lines
  • Bringing supply chains back to USA
  • Securing the southern border
  • Stopping the flow of drugs into the communities
  • Tougher penalties for lawbreakers

Culvert Bids Opening day. 3 bids were delivered and sealed. Read as follows:

  • Metal Culverts totaling $31786.75 (after checking total correction $31732.75)
  • Viebrock Sales and Service, LLC totaling $30,613.00
  • Other bid was a misunderstanding he was wanting to purchase metal culverts.

Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney made motion to accept bid by Viebrock Sales and Service LLC.  Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson seconded. All voted yes. No opposition. Motion passed.

County Maintenance Ray Shaffer, and County Housekeeping Nina Carlton brought in a bid to paint and repair walls at the courthouse. Totaling $15,700.00 for all paint, repairs and materials. Due to price job will have to be open for bid.

Other Courthouse maintenance issues, the exterior security cameras that were earlier discussed have been put on hold for now. SHPO signed off on the ADA door. Flagpole is still a problem needs corrected soon. Several trees need cut down and some trimmed. Ray is going to help with one. We will have to see about others doing the rest.

APPROVED                                                                                        ATTEST

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Tree Stumps / Osage Valley /ARPA

Monday, July 11, 2022

1:57 PM

3rd day of July Term.

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Bill Stephens, stop in to update the Commission.

Three tree stumps need removed. Two are at the EMA building and one on the Courthouse lawn by the gazebo. Waiting on 2 bids.  There are under limit, so no posting needed.

In a special secession, Thursday July 7th, 2022, Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley and Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney met with 2 members of Osage Valley, Jared Campbell and Jana Rosier, about ARPA Funds. The Commissioners assured them there will be funds allocated to the broadband project in the October ARPA Funds. Osage Valley is currently working in the Henry and St. Clair Counties as they have placed ARPA funds towards this project. They have stopped work in Bates County at this time.

The Commissioners would like everyone to know that any entity wanting to be considered for ARPA funds in October need to apply now. The applications are available at the County Clerk’s Office. If anyone has questions about the

ARPA funds or concerns you are welcome to come speak to the commissioners Mondays or Wednesdays 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Also, if you would like to read the prior months minutes they are available in the office during those times as well.

APPROVED                                                                                              ATTEST

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Stump Removal/Lefever/Mid-America 92.1 Radio/Circuit Clerk/expenditure change

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

2:52 PM

4th day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

The quotes for the Three tree stumps removal are

  • Andy Berry          $800.00
  • Daniel Deems     $820.00

Northern Commissioner make the motion to accept the quote for the stump removal from Andy Berry. Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson seconded. All voted yes. No opposition. Motion passed. Mr. Berry will need to be coordinate the trash removal with Bill Stephens, Road and Bridge.

Sam and Mike Lefever came in with a land lease contract they were needing advice on. After Presiding Commissioner looked it over he referred them to a lawyer.

11:00 appt. Doug Mager (Mid America) and Melody Houston 92.1 Radio with questions on the distributed ARPA monies.

The Commissioners handed out the list of awarded monies so far. 

  •  Hume Alliance Ministry                     $15,855.00
  • Adrian Rural Fire Department, INC  $30,396.29
  • Adrian Rural Fire Department, INC  $53,493.71
  • Public Water District #6                     $250,000.00
  • Public Water District #2                     $375,356.50
  • Public Water District #5                     $342,508.00
  • Public Water District #3                     $213,747.50
  • Bates County Fair Board                    $274,120.00

 The only thing not on the list was the money given to cover the overage of the coroner’s budget due to Covid-19 autopsies. ($24,896.03 awarded in December of 2021)

The ARPA process was an application to be filled out a by the Presiding Commissioner. He had had a hard time getting the company ID.Me verify him. The application was accepted in October of 2021 and money was received…

The finally ruling for the conditions was completed in January of 2022.  It started out as ARPA for infrastructure, Water, Broadband and Sewer. The final ruling opened it up to include many other allowances. If correct process and allowances are not meant funds would be taken back from the county.

The Commission had options to hire other people to complete several parts of the process for a fee. They had decided to do the processes themselves to keep most the money with our County.  Application process took a while to complete with a few tries in between. Every effort was made to get applications out to those that wanted one in a timely manner. It was also decided to wait for the final ruling (January 2022) to hand out any monies, knowing the county would be responsible for the pay back for any money not used correctly not the entities the moneys were awarded to.

It was questioned as to why Osage Valleys request did not get awarded. They had talked to the Commission in June of 2021. Finally ruling was in January 2022. Their application was near the last of the ones received.

Application were started given out in Mid-March. Reviewing Process started end of April. Several Water districts were of pressing issue to get work completed in with current weather conditions. Our County has 7 water districts, each having update and maintenance needs. A few of the entities that requested funds did not receive the full request as parts of the process was not an “acceptable allowance” in the ruling requirements.

With the first awards going out and funds drained. Several applications are still being held for the second round of money. Hopefully end of October.       

There was a letter received by the radio station concerning the ARPA Funds. It was questioned if the letter was political in nature due to the timing of the letter, concern and current political race.

There was concern over the recent County purchase of an enclosed trailer. Trailer was purchased out of county funds and not ARPA funds.  This trailer will make the transporting of the voting needs as well as any other county needs for transporting items much easier, safer and more secure. This purchase falls under the allowance of Missouri statutes 50.660 for governing contracts. “It is not necessary to obtain bids on any purchase in the amount of twelve thousand dollars or less made from any one person, firm or corporation during any period of ninety days” Trailor total was $7,500.00 purchased from individual in March of 2022.

Both Doug Mager and Melody Houston were given a blank ARPA application.

The Circuit Clerk, Shelli White, would like to pay for her employee’s fitness gym membership and to have the membership fees come out of the miscellaneous account.

Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney made the motion to have the Circuit Clerks employee’s fitness gym memberships paid for out of the circuit clerks miscellaneous account. Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson seconded the motion. All voted yes. No opposition. Motion passed.

County Clerk, Marlene Wainscott, brought up the need to increase the internal control policy on expenditure contracts, purchase or work, to be put out for bid, to match the Missouri State Statue guidelines (50.660). Internal is $6,000.00 state statue is $12,000.00.

Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson made the motion to Increase the Internal Control Policy for purchase or work contracts to be put out for bid from $6,000.00 to $12,000.00 matching the State Statue guideline 50.660. Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney seconded. All voted yes. No opposition. Motion passed.

APPROVED                                                                                ATTEST

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Board of Equalization/Tribune

Monday, July 18, 2022

10:49 AM

5th day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

Board of Equalization meetings open today.

11:00 am appointment Lucas Ford Tribune & Times. No show. Mr. Ford did call stating he was unable to attend due to pressing appointment. He was forwarded to the Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley who placed him on speaker his concern was over Osage Valley stopping work on the Broadband in Bates County. He had spoken with Jared Campbell who states they transferred the work to Henry and St. Clair Counties.

APPROVED                                                                                      ATTEST

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BCMH/Approved bills

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

1:39 PM

6th day of the July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

10:00 am meeting with Bates County Memorial Hospital (BCMH) Financial Staff:

  • Greg Weaver CEO
  • Terri Floyd
  • Jennifer Wainscott
  • Matthew Wheatley
  • Russell Whisenand

There to seeking some advice and give statement of current standing. Mr. Weaver handed out information on current standing and projected numbers for the Ambulance Service. This hospital is one of very few in Missouri that has their own Ambulance service. A lot of hospitals have contracted this out or other parties cover their area. They are happy to keep this service with the hospital.

Over the height of the Covid-19 pandemic the dry runs were up slightly. No real increase in usage. Staffing is an ongoing issue. It is getting harder to complete in the market with the bigger cities and areas offering so many perks, benefits and sign on bonuses. Having living quarters for the 24hr shifts is a huge benefit to these candidates. They are considering sponsoring candidates for EMT’s through Paramedic school for a contractual period of employment.

With these conditions worst case scenario is only having one ambulance crew for the county and contracting out transfers and other needs.

Surrounding counties have; Cass is with the fire districts. They are receiving 3.25 million in 2022. Vernon county has ambulance district. They received 2021 436,000.00 in 2021. These are coming from tax dollars. No sure if property or sales taxes. Hard to get the exact. Information is from the county websites.

The Ambulance Service department has been running in a deficit of close to $500,000.00 each year. (See supporting documents added at end of minutes). They have checked other counties ambulance services to gather information on other ways of funding the department.  Having the service go to fire districts, ambulance districts, and sales or property taxes. They are presenting the option of having a property tax or a sales tax added to help increase the funds for this department. Leaning more towards a sales tax as it would increase the number of people to be paying. A 1/2 cent sales tax should lead to $400,000.00 in funds.

Their current ARPA fund request would relieve the temporary burden not the ongoing deficit.

Missouri 4th Congress candidate Mark Alford stopped in to say hello to the commission.

Pleasant Gap Township representative handed over the rock tickets for road 4265 that is being used for detours from bridge work. So far, the increase to their budget is $4366.90. MoDOT does not participate in the detours either in repairs or payment for repairs.

APPROVED                                                                                           ATTEST

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No Official Work

Monday, July 25, 2022

9:44 AM

7th day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with the Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

No official work done this day.

APPROVED                                                                                  ATTEST

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Linda Jennings/ Courthouse Maintenance

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

8:59 AM

8th day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

10:00 am Linda Jennings with “Proposed Regional Activity Center” project through Bates County Community Health Foundation (BCCHF) a tax-deductible charity due to its 501-3 classification. They are being funded in part by an investment broker who had set up a trust several years ago to set up a Community Center for the people of Bates County. Only stipulation was to have a therapy pool included. There was a request to keep it on the Bates County Memorial Hospital campus. Although this will have its own board of directors and not governed by the Hospital. They have a meeting today with one of the 3 architects invited to present plans with-in the requirements. They are also meeting with a YMCA to gain information on how their processes work. This is still the planning stage with a lot of information being gathered on processes. Then the action committee can put together what they think will fit and work with the Bates County Communities. They are wanting to add another choice in the community for these services not compete or put anyone out of business. There will be several committees along the way if anyone would like to be a part of them contact any member of the action board. The Action Committee members are Linda Jennings, Mike Taranto, David Hilgenberg, Greg Weaver, Larry Burch, Larry Hacker, Chance Hendrick, Chris White, Jeremy Jones and Shanya Hedrick.

The Commission participated in the Economic Development Meetings today at 11:00 am for Financial and 1:00 pm for Board Meeting.

1:30 pm Ray Shaffer and Nina Carlton, county maintenance brought over the findings and quote for the Courthouse fire alarm system. Atronic Alarms, Inc, Nick Hysom consultant found the system to be a home security system with fire protection dated 1995. Many components from the current system are not functioning nor is this system up to code.
Quote for new system to meet current code standards $76,995.00 with a monthly recuring fee of $224.00. This will have to be put out to bid.

Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson made a motion to pay for the rock used for maintenance of road 4265 that was used as a detour during bridge repair out of road and bridge account totaling $4366.90. (16 tickets) Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney seconded the motion. All voted yes. No opposition. Motion passed.

Patricia Pike, district 126 representative, stopped by and visited with the commission.

APPROVED                                                                           ATTEST

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Lady Rebels Youth Basketball Tryouts

Bates, Cass, Vernon, Henry, and St. Clair County students beginning 2nd thru 5th grades are invited to try out for the Lady Rebels Basketball team.

The Lady Rebel will hold try outs on Saturday, August 20th and August 27th at the Butler Elementary School Multi Gym located at 4 North High Street in Butler.

Second and Third grades will try out from 10am to 11:30am.  Fourth and Fifth graders will try out from 1pm to 3pm. 

Lady Rebel Basketball ask that all players bring a water bottle and sign up at the table the day of try outs. Parents will need to sign the waiver to play the day of try outs.

For more information or questions contact Coach Berry at 660-424-9181 or message the Lady Rebels on Facebook.