Notice of Election November 8th 2022


Notice is hereby given that a General Election will be held in the County of Bates on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, for the purpose of voting on candidates and ballot issues.  The official ballot for the election will be in substantially the following form:


ADRIAN PRECINCT: Adrian Optimist Building, 11092 NW County Road 41, Adrian (Adrian R-3 & Archie R-5) All voters in the Adrian R-3 and the Archie R-5 school districts vote here.         

AMORET/AMSTERDAM PRECINCT: Amsterdam Community Building, 8524 NW State Route Y, Amsterdam, (Miami R-1) Voters in the City of Amoret, City of Amsterdam, and Homer, Charlotte, West Point, Elkhart Townships vote here.  Note: All West Boone Township votes at the Drexel Community Center in Drexel.   

BALLARD PRECINCT: Ballard School (Ag Building), 10247 NE State Route 18, Butler (Ballard R-2) All voters in the school district vote here. 

BUTLER PRECINCT:  Butler High School Gymnasium, 420 S Fulton, Butler (Butler R-5) All voters in the school district vote here.

DREXEL PRECINCT: Drexel Community Center, 410 E. Bates, Drexel (Drexel R-4 & Miami R-1) Voters in the City of Drexel, Village of Merwin, and all West Boone Township vote here. 

HUDSON PRECINCT: Hudson School, 15012 NE State Route 52, Appleton City, (Hudson R-9) All voters in the school district vote here.  

HUME PRECINCT: Hume Legion Hall, 9355 SW 1ST Street, Hume (Hume R-8) Voters in the City of Hume and Howard and Walnut Townships vote here.       

RICH HILL PRECINCT: Rich Hill 4th of July Building, 501 E. Park Avenue, Rich Hill (Rich Hill R-4) Voters in the City of Rich Hill, Village of Foster, and Osage, Lone Oak, Pleasant Gap, Hudson, Prairie, New Home South, Walnut, Howard Townships vote here. Note: All of Rockville Township votes at Rockville Community Center.

ROCKVILLE PRECINCT: Rockville Community Center, 408 W. Osage Avenue, Rockville (Appleton City R-2 & Rich Hill R-4) All voters in the City of Rockville and Rockville Township vote here.  

The polling places will be open from the hours of 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. during which time any person properly registered to vote in the County of Bates and has an acceptable form of ID, will be given the opportunity to cast his or her ballot.

Done by order of the County Clerk of the County of Bates, this 5th day of October, 2022.           


Marlene Wainscott

Bates County Clerk

Rich Hill Police Department

The Rich Hill Police Department sends out this public service message to the residents of the Rich

Hill Community.  Lately, there have been several phone calls and walk-ins to the Rich Hill City Hall

for police matters,  where an officer is needed to respond to an incident. While they all share the

building, the ladies at the Rich Hill City Hall do not handle police work.

They understand there will be times you may need to come to  City Hall to request to speak to an

officer and we welcome that.  However, minutes matter when there is a situation that requires the

response of a police officer. The best way to get an officer to respond is by calling dispatch. They are

in constant contact with the on duty officer(s). When you see something that just isn’t right, or you

have an emergency, don’t hesitate to call.

The Rich Hill Dispatch phone number is : (417)395-2222

Butler: Corner Hardware

Corner Hardware in Butler will close this Friday, October 7th at

3:00 pm and remain closed all day Saturday. It will be back to

business as usual on Monday. Remember Corner Hardware in

Butler will close at 3:00 pm on Friday and be closed all- day

Saturday, October 8th.