Rich Hill High School College Info Night

Rich Hill High School College Info Night will be October 19th @ 6:00 p.m. at the High School.  A college representative will be present to assist with questions regarding college & trade school applications, completing the FAFSA, and navigating the college process. This is open to all Senior parents and students. If you would like assistance with the FAFSA, you will need to bring your most recent tax return, social security numbers, and drivers license.

Bates County Commissioner Report

Road #2007 Rich Hill / NextERA

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

10:32 AM

The 20th day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

Bills were approved.

The previously discussed road in Rich Hill #2007 (August 15th) has been repaired. This road has a fiber Optic cable that runs underneath. This cable runs data from Kansas City to Joplin. Road has been raised and culvert installed. Payment for this repair is coming out of CART funds.

The Magnesium Chloride flakes have come in and payment is being made from CART funds. Road and Bridge Supervisor, Bill Stephan, will be purchasing the spreader to get this on the roads needed for dust control. Work will have to be coordinated with the townships involved.

1:30 Fiona Bagwell with NextERA energy, John Felitto and Allen Anderson. Updates on Court ruling that tax exemption of solar energy projects is unconstitutional. This ruling negates the need for a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes). There was a discussion, but no decision given on how to go forward with these agreements. At this point the project goes onto the tax rolls once constructed. Allen mentioned 2 arrangements one most used is an old one, Chapter 100. Chapter 100 locks the tax into the county. The other is Enhanced Enterprise Zones. Responsibility for the tax is the project owner not the landowner. If sold to utilities, then the utility tax goes to the state level then distributed throughout the state.

The Commission requested a few modifications to the Road Use Agreement. The Commission requests any improvements made to be left and not returned to their original state. To leave it as improved.  Also, to include a continuing maintenance on the road during the time the lease is in use. Fiona requested to have a quote per mile for maintenance.

Other items discussed were the landowner can request the fence to be left after the decommissioning phase. If the land is sold by original landowner during life of lease the lease goes with the land.

This current project is to have a 30-year lease with two 10-year extensions if possible. 

What we can expect to happen. An inventory for best routes and roads to use and adjustments and repairs needed to those roads.  Once all information is together and design finished, local meetings will happen on the project and update meetings.  All local emergency and first responder entities will be notified. Media will be notified and updated as well. Projected construction to start in 2026.

3:00 Charles Rush with Cook Insurance came in to present the upcoming health insurance contract renewal. Charles presented several options. Keeping with our Aetna, our current insurance, monthly premium would be $778.55 and projected to go up again next year. Monthly premiums with Blue Cross Blue Shield would be $643.55, next year an unknown. Copay and out of pocket cost to employees goes down with Blue Cross Blue Shield. He did have quotes from other companies, yet they were much more with higher cost. Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson made the motion to go with Blue Cross Blue Shield with the county still paying full premium for employees. Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney seconded the motion. All voted yes. Motion passed with no opposition.

APPROVED                                                                             ATTEST

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 Road and Bridge

Monday, September 12, 2022

10:32 AM

The 21st day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson and Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney Present in the AM.  Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley was absent in the am, present in the afternoon session.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Bill Stephan came in to discuss a few needs. He is looking in to seeing what pre-made box culverts cost. He is also needing a new tractor and mower or other type of mower.  They are holding off replacing employees that left for now till next spring.

APPROVED                                                                                      ATTEST

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Courthouse Painting/Security Room

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

10:32 AM

The 22nd day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

Ray Shaffer and Nina Carlton came in to talk over the Courthouse painting open bids. All bids are in. One could only do the painting and not the repairs needed in some areas. Bid came down to Nick Alkire at $15,700.00 and Brent Kelso at $13,400.00. Both are local people, and both quoted with paint and materials with repairs. Northern Commission Kenny Mooney made the motion to accept and move forward with the quote from Brent Kelso. Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson seconded the motion.

All voted yes with no opposition.

Still waiting on the Johnson Controls quote for fire alarm system.

Ray is working on the Security entrance for the Courthouse. Plans have been looked over by the Sheriff Office. The Projected date of completion is October first. This area will have to be added to the cleaning duties on a regular basis.

APPROVED                                                                                   ATTEST

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Cook Insurance

Monday, September 19, 2022

10:32 AM

The 23rd day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson Present.

1:30 Charles Rush with Cook Insurance on the quote for Property and Casualty Insurance. Current insurance has declined continuing coverage. Several companies declined to quote coverage on smaller municipalities as claims and cost have been high over the last years either with natural disasters or law enforcement coverages.  Missouri Rural Services did locate one company that is willing to work with smaller municipalities. Tokio Marine HCC. Charles did get them to meet the current coverage and cost. Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley has asked Charles to go back and ask Tokio Marine to quote this with higher replacement coverage to the Courthouse.  Charles will bring back an updated quote on Wednesday the 21st.

APPROVED                                                                                                ATTEST

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 American Broadband / Approved Bills / Homer Township / City of Adrian / Charles Rush

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

10:33 AM

The 24th day of July Term

The Bates County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present. Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney came in late morning.

9:30 Jim Patterson with American Broadband in to ask for a letter of recommendation. He is seeking a state grant to build a fiber broadband network in Rich Hill. The letter helps in the states scoring of the award process. They specialize in building broadband in rural and isolated areas. They currently have builds in five states including Missouri. Currently working from Warrensburg area to Sedilia. Also, in Nevada. Options include co-axle connect in home to fiber on pole or underground, or streaming directly through Apple, Roku and Fire products. They also have phone services.

The Presiding Commissioner elect for Vernon County, Joe Wilson, stopped in to introduce himself and visit. See our process in motion and ask a few questions.

Approved Bills.

Andy Dudley with Homer Township came in seeking advice on recent issues with being on the township board and doing hired work for the township. He had decided to resign so he will be able to work on the roads. He will be submitting a formal letter to the commission.

1:30 Ryan Wescoat, the City of Adrian Administrator, came in to drop off the ARPA Application to repair the water pump failure they have experienced.

2:30 Charles Rush brought back the answer to increase coverage in the Property and Casualty Insurance for the Courthouse to 10 million and 12 million. The company, Tokio Marine will only increase the coverage to 10 million. The increase in premium is 67,000.00. Total Premium for the year would be $218,940.00 annually. Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney made the motion to accept the Tokio Marine quote on Property and Casualty for $218,940.00 annually with the increased coverage for the Courthouse. Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson seconded the motion. All voted yes. No opposition. Motion carried.

APPROVED                                                                                   ATTEST

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Cornland Special

Monday, September 26, 2022

10:33 AM

The 25th day of July Term

The Bates County Commissioners met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatley and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson. Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney was absent.

Cornland Special Board Members Gary Anderson and Don Hill came in to discuss the findings of the State Auditor’s Report, (see scanned documents at end of the monthly minutes in official book), in answer to the Audit requested by the citizens. There was some miscommunication in who was being audited due to be verbiage of the report. The Cornland Special Board members are referred in the document as commissioners. The County Commissioners are not involved in this audit. The district was found to have deficiencies in internal controls, noncompliance with legal provisions, and needing improvement in management practices and procedures. The board is taking steps to improve these areas. Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson added Osage Township would be willing to talk to them about maintenance of the roads and possible hire of their equipment and person.

APPROVED                                                                                                ATTEST

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Great River / Fire Alarms / Bill Stephens

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

10:33 AM

The 26th day of July Term

The Bates County Commissioners met with Presiding Commissioner Jim Wheatly, Northern Commissioner Kenny Mooney and Southern Commissioner Trent Nelson present.

9:45 am Julie Siebert with Great River about an invoice the County paid for electrical repair done by Osage Valley during BRO -21. The invoice was never submitted for reimbursement from Mo-DOT. They have sent the submittal letter, and need it signed and sent back. The Commissioners signed the letter, and it was returned.

Ray Shaffer, courthouse maintenance and Nina Carlton, courthouse housekeeping brought over the remaining quote from Johnson Controls for the fire alarm system update. They submitted 2 quotes one for code compliance update, and one for full new install. There wasn’t any information about monthly maintenance fees, or inspection fees. The previous quote from Brian Goings with Atronic was for a completely new code compliant system with a monthly maintenance fee and yearly inspection fee. ($49.00 monthly then $2,100.00 yearly inspection fee totaling $2,688.00 yearly cost) Any alerts are reported immediately to the fire department. Jim asked if they had a leasing option that would cover repairs and updates. Brad said he had not heard of them but could ask about it. He did mention there was a maintenance and repair option. Most detectors last 10 years. The system will let them know when the detectors need replaced. He will email Ray the quotes of this service plan.

 Other updates from Ray and Nina are interior painting begins October 17th. He is still working on the floor for the security entrance and the push button to open the door has come in.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Bill Stephens in for updates.

APPROVED                                                                                    ATTEST

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Butler: College/Technical/Military Browsing Fair

Butler High School is hosting its annual College/Technical/Military Browsing Fair Tuesday, October 19, 2022 from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. in the high school gymnasium. Juniors and seniors from Adrian, Appleton City, Archie, Ballard, Drexel, Hume, Miami, Nevada, Northeast Vernon County, and Rich Hill along with Butler juniors and seniors have been invited and are encouraged to attend.

The college fair offers students the opportunity to gather relevant information in reference to their post-secondary planning, education and training. Representatives from approximately forty colleges, universities, technical schools, and the military will provide information regarding admission procedures and deadlines, scholarships and financial aid, specifics regarding programs of study, and various post-secondary training opportunities.

This event provides area students with excellent opportunities to investigate career, training, and educational options, as well as talk one-on-one to recruiters and representatives regarding admission, cost, financial aid, programs offered and career opportunities. If additional information is needed, please contact the counseling office at 660-679-6121, extension 254