Vernon County Sheriff Addresses a School Threat Rumor

Vernon County sheriff’s office

The Vernon County Sheriff’s office has received multiple phone calls from concerned parents regarding a possible threat at the Nevada High School. Law enforcement followed up on a rumor Sunday afternoon that was determined to be unfounded. Out of an abundance of caution, extra law enforcement was stationed at the schools. However, multiple messages have continued to circulate from students within the school regarding a threat.

While any rumor is taken seriously and followed up on by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office, there have been no arrests and no valid threat found. All-follow up work throughout the day has been confirmed as students messaging other students with false information and rumors that have already been followed up on by law enforcement.

It is suspected the student involved in starting the rumor was attempting to avoid going to school. The juvenile involved has been referred to the Vernon County Juvenile Office. Members of law enforcement will continue to provide security at the schools and follow-up on all reports from students to ensure our schools remain safe and sure.

Funding Secured for Outdoor Improvements at Sherwood Elementary

Through the extensive work of the Sherwood School Resource Officer, Deputy John Cameron, and Sherwood’s District Bookkeeper, Glenda Marconett, the school has been awarded up to $30,000 by the COPS Grant through the School Violence Prevention Program.

The money will be used to install playground fencing around the elementary school playgrounds. This is a 75/25 grant where the district will commit up to $10,000 for the project to be completed. Fencing the playground area will help keep our students safer in a contained area and with a barrier from potential outside people and animals.

This project was prioritized as #6 of 9 as an exterior priority for facilities on the school’s fall of 2021 survey. #1, 2, and 4 are already completed or in-progress.

City of Butler Seeking Sealed Proposals for Sanitation Services

The City of Butler is seeking sealed proposals for sanitation services starting January 1, 2023.  This will be a three-year contract for solid waste disposal services for the entire residential community.  The deadline is November 10th, 2022, at 4:00 pm.  You may contact the City of Butler at 660-679-4182 or stop by for a copy of the previous agreement as a possible template.  Any additional proposed services can be added to said application.  All bids will be rated on the lowest and best proposals.  All offers should be addressed to:

City of Butler
Attn:  Mike West
Sanitation Services
22 W Ohio
PO Box 420
Butler, MO 64730-0420

Blank Copy of Bid Form

Christmas at The Carpenters Cup

The Carpenters Cup is celebrating Christmas on Saturday, November 5th from 9-3 pm. They will have in-store specials, music, singing, prayers, and refreshments. Get into the holiday spirit at the Carpenters Cup, Saturday, November 5th, 102 South Bishop in Butler.