Patricia Pike 126th State Rep / Veteran’s Day Recognition

Dear Citizens: This November 11 we will once again take time as a nation to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of the heroic Americans who have served in our armed forces. Veterans Day is an opportunity to express our appreciation not only for what our veterans have done for our great country, but also for what they continue to do after they have returned to civilian life.

Our veterans have returned home to further their education, continue their legacy of service and take up the mantle of leadership within their communities. These men and women who have fought so bravely to protect our nation from forces outside our borders are now working diligently to strengthen our country from within. We are blessed to have these true heroes who have done, and continue to do, so much for our great nation.

It is important that we acknowledge the men and women who return home from service and face difficult times. Sadly, here in Missouri we have seen the suicide rate for veterans consistently remain above the national average. This summer an interim House Committee met to gather information and propose policies to address the need for more mental health resources for those who have served. The committee’s work is a reminder that we can and must do more to help the many men and women who face challenges after they return home from service.

On this Veterans Day, may we be reminded to keep our brave men and women in our hearts and prayers and to give thanks to all of the selfless Americans who have served in defense of our nation throughout its history. Our future would not be nearly as optimistic without their contributions, and the contributions they will continue to provide in the years to come. Let us do all we can to support our veterans and utilize opportunities to express our appreciation.