Hometown Hero Terry’s Tire and Service

92.1 uses this air time in our local news to give recognition to a local business for its generosity.

We were informed of a random act of kindness that would have gone unnoticed. This type of kindness qualifies as a  “ Hometown Hero” recognition.

We were told of a senior citizen that uses her vehicle to drive to Butler to volunteer at the Old Butler High School Thrift Shop. The Senior Citizen resides in Amoret and drives daily to Butler to Volunteer at the Old Butler High School Thrift Shop. On this particular day a couple of weeks ago, the Senior Citizen struck a dog with her vehicle while in route to work. The call for help was made to Terry’s Tire and Service Center in Butler.

Terry’s Tire and Service of Butler diagnosed the damage to her vehicle. The repair cost for the damage was more than the Senior citizen could afford as she is living on a limited income. She feared she could not make the drive to work until the money was saved to pay the repair bill.

Today we recognize the new owners of the former Don’s Tire and Service Center as they surprised this Senior Citizen with a “ Paid in Full” repair bill.  Replacing the outer and inner Tyrod and Tire at no cost to the Senior Citizen.

Today we recognize Terry and Dawn Burke as our Hometown Hero for their generous donation for a Senior Citizen in need.

Terry’s Tire and Service Center is located on Sunset Street in Butler, just south of the Adrian Banks Butler branch.

Yes, Virginia… there will still be a Spring and Fall City-Wide Clean Up for the City of Butler

The following information is for the customers of County Wide Disposal regarding their trash service. There are new rules and regulations to follow.

In the month of January, residents will receive a tip cart from County Wide Disposal. Once you receive the tip cart, start using it immediately. If you need an extra trash can or a smaller one,  call the County Wide Trash Service office at 660-679-0717.  They will require that trash is bagged and tied. This helps keep their employees safe and helps prevent litter. Trash days will remain the same as they were before.

Household waste– food, food waste, food-contaminated containers or cartons, paper goods, kitchen waste, cardboard, glass, plastic, etc.

Amnesty Day-On the first Tuesday of each month we will hold an amnesty day. On this day, ONE bulk item will be picked up at no additional charge.
Amnesty Day will help with the build-up of these large items and holding onto them until the annual City-Wide Clean Up… and ” Yes” the spring and summer City-Wide will still happen.

Bulk item– Excess household trash, mattresses, box springs, bicycles, large toys, car seats, grills (no propane tanks or hot ashes), furniture fixtures (no fluorescent lights), sofas, chairs, tables, etc.  If you have more than one bulk item or do not want to wait until amnesty day, please call County Wide Disposal office for a quote to get it picked up.

White goods– refers to appliances such as: ovens, refrigerators, freezer, hot water heaters, dishwashers, washer and dryer, microwave, tv’s, computers, air conditioners, etc. These items require a special pick up. These items must be called in to the County Wide office to get them picked up. There will be a fee that will be required up front to have these items picked up.

Nonacceptable waste– Universal Waste (Yard Waste: leaves, limbs, grass clippings, shrubs, etc.), animal Waste, asbestos containing materials, closed barrels, cans or drums, compressed gas cylinders, explosives, anything highly flammable or volatile (stain, chemicals, etc.), hazardous waste, industrial waste, incinerator residual, infectious waste, liquid waste, motor oil, pesticides, PCB’s, radioactive waste, septic tank pumping’s or sludge, tires.

This information has been released by County Wide Disposal of Butler .

New Rules for Butler Trash Service

Increase in sanitation services

Dear Butler Residence,

After 48 years, Bates County Disposal will no longer be providing the sanitation services for the City. Butler has been very fortunate to have Spud Welston as our contractor with his outstanding service and exceptionally low fee.

Countywide Disposal (which recently acquired Bates County Disposal) will now be our trash service provider as of January 1st, 2023.  They are committed to not only to provide superior service at a competitive price, they are also adding a few additional services. Those include providing a tip cart to all residence, an amnesty day for bulk items, and a City recycling bin.   

Unfortunately, the sanitation industry has seen their costs skyrocket just like everyone else. And like all businesses those costs are past down to the consumer.  Effective on your February billing, the new rate for sanitation services will be $22.22 per month.

Additional information is listed below from Countywide disposal.


Mike West

City Administrator