Butler Emergency Management releases list of Storm Shelters.


The release of the following Storm Shelters in the City of Butler
has been sent to the media. The media is not responsible for
these locations not being open during Severe Weather. This is only
a list of the locations that may be open as Storm Shelters.

As OF March 2023

Community of Christ Church  408 West Dakota Street  Butler
Immanuel Baptist Church        801 West Dakota Butler
First Christian Church               11 West Pine Butler

Note: These facilities have been generous enough to offer their use as a shelter in the event of severe weather. The City of Butler does not guarantee that these facilities will be open depending on the time the City of Butler has to contact personnel and how much advance warning they have. Butler Emergency Management would urge you to plan prior to the time that a warning may occur, such as a neighbor or relatives with a basement or storm shelter, or in your home, if time does not allow you to seek shelter.

The City of Butler further does not make any claims as to the structural integrity of any of these facilities in their ability to withstand a tornado or life-threatening wind events

This information has been released by the City of Butler Emergency Management and shared with 92.1 Radio Station.

Community Cafe Schedule of Weekly Meals

The Community Café will serve weekly meals from the:

 Community of Christ Church located at 409 West Dakota, this church is located next to the Boy Scout Hall and Park. This church serves the weekly meal the 1st Tuesday of each month.

 The Ohio Street United Methodist Church in Butler, 205 West Ohio Street the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

 The First Christian church in Butler located at 11 West Pine Street in Butler the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

 The Church of the Nazarene 110 West Nursery Street Butler
the 4th Tuesday of each month.

The Happy Hill Church of God 901 South Main Street Butler
the 5th Tuesday of each month.

BCCHF Health Care Scholarships Now Open

Each year, Bates County Community Health Foundation (BCCHF) awards healthcare scholarships to Bates County students who are pursuing a career in healthcare. These scholarships are completely funded through the foundation’s fundraising efforts which include an annual golf tournament in the spring and a car show in the fall.

Scholarship criteria:

• Reside in Bates County

• Pursuing a career in the healthcare field

• Must be accepted in a chosen healthcare program

• Maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (provide copy of transcript)

• Good communication skills

• Essay stating why a health care career is being pursued

• Three letters of recommendation

Applications must be returned on or before May 26, 2023. Complete scholarship criteria and application are found at:  https://www.bcmhospital.com/foundation/bcchf-community-health-projects/

Applications may also be obtained from the Administration Office of BCMH:

Bates County Memorial Hospital

Attn: Administration Office

PO Box 370

Butler, MO 64730