4-H Member / Leader Recognition

The Bates County 4-H Member/Leader Recognition Celebration was held Sunday, November 3, at the First Christian Church in Butler. Clubs, leaders, and members were recognized and honored for their work throughout the past year.

The 2020 Bates County 4-H Council Officer Team was installed by adult advisers, Jamie O’Farrell and Melissa Lowe. Reagan O’Farrell, president; Eldon Piveral, vice president; Hannah Williams, secretary; and Isabel Lowe, treasurer. (Pictured)

Ron Nissen was honored for 35 years as a 4-H Volunteer; Melody Wikoff for 25 years of service; and Carla Armentrout, Robyn Eckhoff, and Neale Oerke for 15 years of volunteerism. Members and leaders received their year pins.

Clubs were awarded their Community Service awards, as well as their gold, silver, or bronze charter seals. Kalyn Eckhoff was recognized as the regional representative for the West Central Region and serving on the Missouri 4-H State Council. Tayton Dains, Hudson Hustler’s 4-H, and Maylen Lawson, Summit Go-Getters 4-H, were awarded the Danforth “I Dare You” award. Project Leader of the Year was awarded to Jody Hellwig, Countywide Horsemanship Project Leader. Co-Club Leader of the Year went to Jennifer Hawkins and Jamie O’Farrell of the Hudson Hustler’s 4-H Club.

Pictuared Rea

The Friend of 4-H Award was presented to Jim and Tammy Smith, Appleton City Feed. The Butler Chamber of Commerce Sweepstakes Award was presented to the Hudson Hustler’s 4-H Club.