Nate Waller, Chris Norris and the entire service team have been working hard to get the Rene’ 1500 ready with a new transmission. Today, at Max Ford 1:00pm, he will be given the keys back.

René Peterson, a U.S. Army Veteran who became paralyzed due to a post-transition automobile accident, travels the country for AMVETS, as a WheelChair Olympics Competitor, as an Abilities Ambassador, and drives his ATC specially converted vehicle wherever he goes. From a parade, Veteran’s events, and community gatherings in Kansas City, to the National Veterans Wheelchair games in Orlando, he loves meeting new people and sharing the freedom he has obtained with joy and enthusiasm. René, an Executive Committee Officer in his Post, leads AMVETS Post 181’s program to refurbish electric wheelchairs and donate them to those in need. In a little less than three years, the Post has done this nearly 200 times.

Recently, the transmission in René’s 2011 Silverado 1500 LTZ 4 x 4 cried “Uncle” with nearly 200K miles on it, having travelled widely — much of it pulling our AMVETS Trailer filled with Veterans Mobility Assistance Program wheelchairs and scooters.

Mark Muller, having learned of the breakdown from a close friend in the Post, set the Max Team in motion to recover the truck, bring it to Max, inspect it, take it apart, replace the transmission, and to put René and the fruits of his labors back on the road —- ALL at NO COST to René or to the Post. René was not the only one with tears of gratitude in his eyes. Mark Muller was, too, when he learned one more time that his selfless support to or Military and Veterans will benefit a deep and wide community.
May God Bless ALL of Our Troops.
Mark Muller and Bob Jacaway