911 Ceremony in Adrian

The Adrian Fire Department would like to invite the public to attend Adrian’s Procession and ceremony to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the horrific attacks that took place in our country on September 11, 2001.

On Saturday evening, September 11th, the Adrian Fire Department along with their brothers and sisters from all branches of emergency services will conduct the twentieth anniversary 911 memorial ceremony. Emergency vehicles will line up on 1st Street and Manor Drive at 4:30pm

A silent procession will begin at approximately 5pm along Main Street in Adrian.  Following the procession Adrian Fire Department encourages everyone to attend a ceremony being held at the Adrian Sports Complex at 6:00pm.

During the Ceremony Adrian Fire Department will recognize all veterans and all military personnel serving our country today.  The freedoms we all have today are ours due to their military service and sacrifices.

Adrian Fire Department will also be showing gratitude to all first responders for what they do in the community, as well as front-line workers in the medical field for their sacrifices during these times.

Our country promised twenty years ago that we would never forget. So, let’s come together to remember.