Adrian 9/11 Silent Procession

The September 11th, Remembrance Ceremony will be hosted by the Adrian Fire Chief, Gary Dizney and the Adrian Fire Department. 9/11 is on a  Saturday this year. 92.1 has been informed by Gary Dizney that the annual ceremony will be held at the Adrian Sports Complex this year.

The Adrian Fire Department along with the brothers and sisters from all branches of emergency services will conduct the 9/11 memorial ceremony  Saturday, September 11that 6:00 pm.

Due to Covid restrictions and the increase in current Covid cases, Fire Chief Dizney informed 92.1 of several changes. Invitations have been printed but not released to the press as of today.

We hope to have more information soon, as to the line-up and other information. As of today, we know the ceremony will be held at the Adrian Sports Complex at 6:00 pm.

The ceremony is open to the public. Come out and watch the procession and celebrate the freedoms we have today because of the many sacrifices of those brave men and women that serve and protect.

( written by FM 92.1)