Adrian Blackhawk Marching and Concert Band Member played at UCM in Honor Brass Symposium

Story Courtesy of Adrian News Leader

Cooper Sams is relatively new to playing in the Adrian High School Blackhawks Marching and Concert Bands. Through hard work and determination, and with the direction of Mrs. Sydney Ware, Cooper has made great strides in band.  He said, “I’ve been playing my instrument for a little more than a year. I play the Euphonium but also play the guitar outside of school.” 

On Saturday, February 5, 2022, Cooper played in the Honors Brass Symposium at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg! What a major accomplishment! Cooper shared the details of his day at UCM:  “Today (February 5) was just a short practice and then a concert. We had about a week before to practice the music at home, so it came together decently.” 

Cooper offered his thoughts on being in band and what it means to him.  He said, “The music, just seeing how all the parts come together to form the piece, is very interesting. And being able to hear every little part and see how it’s different adds a lot, the feeling is a lot better than just listening to a song on the internet.  You really get to feel the music. It’s a good way to put your effort into something and be able to see the progress over time. It’s a great way to stay active and learn some skills over time.”  Band Teacher Sydney Ware acknowledged Cooper’s commitment to band. She said, “I am so proud of all Cooper has accomplished over the last 2 school years. Cooper has put in so many hours of practice in the short time he has been in band. He always strives to be the best and work his hardest no matter what! I cannot wait to see where Cooper’s dedication and hard work will lead him. Congratulations to Cooper Sams!” 

When asked if he would like to express appreciation, Cooper said:  “I’d have to thank the Carolyn Yoss Foundation for being able to provide my instrument to me. And thanks to my director Mrs. Ware and of course my family for taking me to all these things.”