Adrian News Leader Turns 4!

Thursday The Adrian News Leader will enter its 4th year serving the community of Adrian.  Launched August 2nd, 2015 the blog came about after urging from local residents for Michele and I to provide stories and pictures like we did when she was with The Adrian Journal.   The local paper at the time went out of business leaving the students and citizens of Adrian without a news source dedicated to the community.
Just like hard copy newspapers in small  towns news revolves around the events happening with the school.  My first story, naturally, was about the midnight practices for the football and volleyball teams.
Most of our content still revolves around the school.   We try to branch out as story ideas get presented to us and when it’s warranted.
What really blossomed from this community service was the photography aspect of the blog.  Printed newspapers are limited on how many photos get printed each week.  You also don’t want the same kid in the paper every week so you bypass really good photos to print a different kid that week.   A blog and the Facebook page isn’t hamstrung by space restrictions so we started posting them all.  
As time progressed my photo skills improved but the equipment I was using was needing upgraded.  That’s when Randy and Tina Reed organized a group funding effort to present to Michele and I a new lens for the camera.  
Followers of the blog and Facebook page see the fruits of this donation whenever we load the photos.  The lens was bigger than our camera could handle so last year we purchased a new camera out of our pocket to maximize the quality of photos.  We do not watermark these photos because it has been our belief that the parents and families should feel free to cheer their kids on and rest assured that I will get quality shots of all the athletes in the game.

We do not have advertising on our blog.  This is not a for profit venture.  It is a community service project.  However, if you like this blog, enjoy the stories and appreciate the pictures then a free-will donation will be appreciated. Funds collected will go toward updating equipment and help cover the cost involved with providing this service to the community of Adrian.


This story and picture is courtesy of the Adrian News Leader