Adrian Public Library Renovations

Recently the Adrian Public Library has been closed due to the ongoing renovations happening; however, the renovations are steadily moving toward a wonderful future for the Adrian Public Library and the Adrian Community.

The Adrian Public Library’s renovations have been ongoing, and they are moving steadily as a whole. Once completed the renovations will expand the library so that it doubles in size.

As of June 8, 2021, there is an opening in the connecting wall and the installation of sheetrock, electrical components, and flooring will commence shortly. The electrical materials obtained from here are of top quality.

The Adrian Public Library’s goal is for the renovations to be complete by early August 2021 if everything stays on track and there are no further delays.

In addition, the Adrian Public Library is hoping to own the building free and clear. the cost of the construction will be an ongoing expense.

The Adrian Public Library would like to remind the public that supporting the library is very easy for online Amazon shoppers. For those interested in supporting the Adrian Public Library, who shop online at Amazon, you only need to go to and sign up for the AdrianCommunity Library to be your charity of choice. Once supporters do this, a small percentage of all Amazon purchases will go to the Adrian Public Library.

The Adrian Public Library will receive a check on your behalf from Amazon, and it will cost you zero extra dollars to support your local community library!