Alert Deputy Makes Arrest in Case of Stolen Truck

On 11/20/2022 at approximately 2:40 am a Deputy on Patrol observed a truck pull of into a field around the Marais Des Cygnes River and quickly shut off its lights. As the deputy passed the field entrance he noticed the truck to be missing the bed of the truck and decided to turn around and check the occupants of the truck. As he pulled up to the truck the deputy utilized his thermal imaging unit to observe a male subject running from the truck into the tree line. Once he located the subject running in the dark he was then able to identify the clothing description of the subject. The deputy waited with the truck until additional units arrived.

A check of the truck revealed that the truck was stolen and had been spray painted in an attempt to conceal its true identity.

Once additional units arrived a search for the subject ensued. A short time later the deputies located the male subject laying behind a tree on the ground. On initial contact the subject acted like he was sleeping and once in custody claimed he was sleeping. The subject then changed his story and stated he was hunting.

The subject, identified as Bradley S Shreve of rural Butler Mo, was transported to the Bates County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies later responded to the Shreve residence where they were giving permission from a resident to recover the bed to the stolen truck.

Shreve has been charged with receiving stolen property and resisting arrest by fleeing. His bond was set at $25,000 Cash only.