Amsterdam Cafe to Open September 19th Owner Randy Weiss

A new restaurant will open September 19th in the City of Amsterdam. This family dining restaurant will be owned and operated by Randy and Diane Weiss of Butler, former owners of the Southside Café now known as the Union Restaurant and Public House.

Randy will take spatula in hand again with the opening of the Amsterdam Café located on Main Street in Amsterdam. The building is newly remodeled and decorated with Randy’s usual flair for creating atmosphere. Randy stated, “ It  will be similar to a mini-Southside café menu.”

The Café will serve his famous fried chicken, meatloaf, hot roast beef and breakfast pie.

Randy owned and operated the Southside Café in Butler for 22 and ½ years and was the former owner of Randy’s Drive-In on Orange Street in Butler in the 80’s.

The Amsterdam Café will be open on Thursday, September 19th. Serving hours will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 am until 2 pm, Thursday and Friday hours will be from 7 am until 8 pm. The Café will be closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Dine-in or carry order will be available, with fried chicken dinners served in 8 piece 10 piece or 12 piece buckets.

Welcome back, Randy Weiss. The Amsterdam Café is scheduled to open for business on Thursday, September 19th.