Another New Scam… and This One Could Catch Anyone That’s Not on Their Toes!

Here’s how it works:

You get a call, the caller ID shows as your bank. The caller says he’s from the Fraud Dept, calling about your debit card ending in —-and reads the 4 correct numbers for your card.

Then the caller asks if you’ve been traveling because there are 2 suspicious charges that happened at out-of-state stores (Lowe’s and Walmart). You say no you didn’t make those purchases.

He says they’ll send you a new card. He knows your address. He knows both of your phone numbers. He sends a verification code to your cell and asks you to read it to him….THEN HE ASKS FOR YOUR PIN NUMBER, claiming he needs it to deactivate it.

That’s where you say NO! Even though he has an answer for all your suspicions. He tells you to look at the number they’re calling from, it matches the number on the back of your card, and it DOES!

This is where you suggest that if the call is legitimate you’ll call them back on that number and ask for the caller’s name. If they’re who they say they are it should be no problem, but most likely the caller will hang up.

Always remember that your financial institution and it’s representatives will NEVER be upset or offended because you want to verify and protect yourself! And, if this does happen to you, remember to call your bank and report the attempted fraud to them directly.