Another New Scam – This Time in St. Clair County

We have been getting a couple of phone calls and one or two reports of people receiving phone calls in the area, with the caller ID showing up as St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office. The caller states they are an officer with this office and have a warrant for your arrest. They then state to go get an x-amount of money on a pre-paid card from a store and mail it to them.

**********THIS IS A SCAM!**********

If you have a warrant out for your arrest from St. Clair County, we’ll come to see you face to face! We will never give you a phone call to let you know you have a warrant. We will NEVER ask that you go get a prepaid card of any kind and mail it to us.

If you happen to receive a phone call like this or similar, hang up the phone! Do not give them any of your personal information! Do not mail them any kind of card with money on it!