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Please note: Due to precautions concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus), all events are subject to change.

Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus-19 and its complications the Officers and Executive Committee have decided for the safety and welfare of the ACHS Alumni to dispense with the 2020 meeting. The ballgames will not be held. Individual Classes may determine their own celebration time and location. Contact your Class Representative. Reservations will be notified. Please email or facebook your classmates of the change. They encourage contributions to the ACHS Alumni Scholarship fund be sent to Lori Bartz, 14378 NE County Road 4, ACMO 64724. They hope to see you next year. If you have questions, please contact Linda Lampkin from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at 660-476-5857 or

The Appleton City Landmarks Museum will not open the display area to the public this year until June 5 from 1:30-4:30. The office/library area is usually staffed on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.  The 150th Sesquicentennial book is back from the printers and will be available for pickup at the Museum office when the stay at home order is lifted. The cost of the over 500 page book is $25.00 picked up at the museum office or it can be mailed for $30.00. You can pick up the book on Wednesdays and Fridays starting May 6 from 2:00-4:00.  Please observe social distancing guidelines and have your check made out for the number of books you wish to buy. If you want them to mail your copy of the book, mail your check with the address to A.C. Landmarks 503 North Maple Appleton City, MO 64724. They will mail books after check is received.

Hudson R-IX is hosting an on-line Scholastic Book Fair through May 4.  The school will receive 25% of the sales.  Shipping on orders over $25.00 is free.  Check it out at

Ellett Memorial’s commitment to COVID-19 reflects the way they care for their patients, visitors and staff each day, regardless of the many challenges we may face. The commitment to the community and surrounding area is unlike any other. Ellett Memorial Hospital has invested extensive time, training and resources over the past few months to ensure they are equipped to handle COVID-19 and other health care related concerns. They have extensive policies, procedures and protocols in place to treat patients with COVID-19, while maintaining a safe environment for their staff and patients being treated for other needs. They want to assure you they are here for all of your medical needs, regardless of what may arise and are available to you 24/7. They are proud to serve our community and will continue to strive to be your trusted choice for healthcare.

AC City Hall reminds everyone to bag all your trash before you put it in your trash carts. The trash company will not pick it up at this time without being bagged due to the Coronavirus. They are sorry for the inconvenience. However, their concern is for the citizens and workers in our community.

Prairie Queen Garden Club has revised their list of trees available for Arbor Day. Those trees they are out of have been deleted and they are running low on a few others, so order now. Because of the Covid 19 social distancing, they are taking orders over the phone and they will be delivered when weather allows. If you would like any of their trees listed below, call Marlene Hanson, President, at 1-660-492-3185 or contact Marlene or Daylon Snyder on Facebook. The trees are free but they do accept donations to the Club. Thank you for your continued support. The list of trees they have are as follows: Deciduous Holly, Wild Plum, False Indigo, Ninebark, Bald Cypress, White Oak, Black Walnut, Button Bush, Hazelnut, Spicebush, Redbud and Short Leaf Pine.

AC City Hall and Park Board are currently accepting applications for lifeguards and an assistant pool manager for the 2020 Summer season. Call City Hall at 660-476-2631 to have an application mailed or e-mailed to you. You may return it in the night drop box at City Hall or mail it back to them at 114 E. 4th Street, AC, MO.

The AC FFA is having their spring plant sale.  The FFA greenhouse will be open for business from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Just stop by the Greenhouse for assistance. Curbside delivery is available during these times or, if you would rather, give them your order and they fill it for you. The FFA has garden vegetables and flowers for sale, such as tomatoes, cabbage and peppers, as well as potting flowers like petunias, annual vinca, impatiens and geraniums. Flowers and vegetables can be purchased as four or two packs, individuals or as hanging baskets. Photos and information about all the items available in the greenhouse are located on the school website as well as the Facebook pages. The costs are $1/2 packs, $2/4 packs, $1/tomato plant, and $12/hanging basket or 3 hanging baskets for $30. For more information, feel free to give Mrs. Leiber a call at 660-424-3668.  Due to continued health concerns in the nation, only two people will be allowed in the greenhouse at a time.  They are requesting all payments be in check form to lower the contamination risks to all involved.  Please also follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing while in the greenhouse.

Updated information on Appleton City PTO’s collection of Box Top, Best Choice labels and Food Fair receipts:  With the current restrictions in place and no school for the rest of this school year, the AC PTO will be postponing their collection of these items until September 1.  Please HOLD ONTO AND SAVE the current items you have saved, as they will still be good to turn in at this time!  Thank you again for your continued support of Appleton City PTO.

The First Christian Church would like to include anyone who has attended their church in the SQC Military Storyboard. For details contact Church Historian Linda before 9:00 p.m. at 660-476-5857 or email


There are no events scheduled for the next week.

Remember even though your Church may not be having services at this time, expenses still need to be paid.  Please be generous in your tithing and giving. Giving a little extra could also help offset some of the deficit where some members are going through a difficult financial time and cannot contribute as they once did.

There is a need for new or upgraded handicapped accessibility resources throughout the Appleton City R-II School District campus. The number of children with special needs has been increasing in our district. Since compliance with meeting the needs of these children is required by state and federal law, this issue is a high priority. The funding allocated or available to our district from state or federal funding sources does not cover these needs. More local tax revenue is needed to fill the gap. This need is identified in our District Capital Improvement Plan. The following list has been provided by our Special Needs Education staff to provide more detail information on the subject:

The south ramp entrance door of the elementary building opens out instead of in, making accessibility difficult. This is a barrier and needs to be changed.

Handicapped restrooms are needed in many locations in the district.

Handicapped accessible playground and adaptive playground equipment are needed.

Handicapped accessibility in the cafeteria (lunch lines, tables, etc…).

Local revenue for funding personal student aides to meet anticipated increases.

Improving handicapped accessibility in our campus means better and safer access for our students in the people of our community. This need is and will be an ongoing priority for our school. Your support of Proposition K.I.D.S. in June will help ensure that this need is met. Thank you.

The Appleton City Journal is available online for public access during the Covid-19 pandemic at Older editions are also available. Other local papers are available at 

A big question for the planning of the Appleton City Sesquicentennial Celebration is what is going to happen about the event? Time will tell. It is under 2 months away and the committee members are finalizing the plans as to whether it happens as scheduled or if a delay has to be announced or even a different format implemented. Many factors will play into the decision. Many people will be involved in that decision. 47 chairmen will be asked to vote, elected officials at various levels and public health leaders will be consulted. Priority will be the safety and welfare of people attending. The decision can ride on what government officials suggestions will be in place, like social distancing, protective gear and what other public spectator events are happening. Right now, it’s a time frame allowance issue. Whenever it happens, they need every family’s participation. There are opportunities for all ages, birth to death. So, plan to grow that beard. Make the historical outfit. Design a float for your group, or a window display. Clean up around the house for the bus tour that may pass by. Get the old vehicles/machinery ready to display. Decide what artist item to display. Go through the pictures for the military display and the photo exhibit. Get out the old authentic clothes for the fashion show. The quilt and photo display would like to have the registration or submitted photos before April 30 (this is part of their planning & organization required). Souvenirs with the 2020 Logo will be sold soon when social distancing is no longer suggested. They will be great gift ideas for birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, graduation, wedding or a new baby. Items include crocks, t-shirts, whistles, walking sticks, cups, flashlights, Christmas ornaments, mugs, coin purses, history books, etc. They will be a way to remember what a year it’s been!

Ellett Memorial Hospital Appleton City offers outpatient specialist services for May, 2020. Call 660-476-2111 for appointments: May 1 – Ophthalmology-Dr. Soni, May 4 – Rheumatology–Dr. Latinis, May 6 – Upper GI, Colonoscopy Dr. Vardakis, May 7 – OB/GYN-Dr. Kallberg, May 8 – Ortho-Dr. Gray,  May 13 – Upper GI, Colonoscopy-Dr. Namin, May 14 – Podiatry-Dr. Dowell, May 18 – Rheumatology–Dr. Latinis, May 20 – Upper GI, Colonoscopy-Dr. Vardakis, May 27 -Ortho-Dr. Gray. With the uncertainty of weeks ahead, all schedules are subject to change.    

“Grass is greening up and cattle are being turned out to pasture,” says Patrick Davis MU Extension Regional Livestock Field Specialist.  Grass is the cheapest feed resource so proper grazing management is important to cattle operation performance and profitability. Below, Davis shares thoughts on cattle grazing and forage incorporation to improve spring and summer grazing opportunities. “Make sure of adequate pasture forage height at the beginning of the grazing season,” says Davis.  At turn-out, cool-season forages should have about 6 inches of growth.  Davis urges cattle producers to maintain a minimum grazing residual forage height of 4 inches for cool-season forages and 8 to 10 inches for native warm season forages.  Grazing below these residual heights will affect season-long production, persistence, and new growth.  “Adequate forage availability as we begin the grazing season is also important for cattle performance,” says Davis.  If forage availability is low, cattle will increase travel to meet their intake needs.  “This increased travel can reduce cattle performance and body condition score,” says Davis.  Therefore, Davis urges cattle producers to provide hay or supplementation during the transition from winter hay feeding to grazing in order to maintain optimum performance. Forage quality is lower in taller, more mature forage, which negatively influence intake and cattle performance.  Davis urges cattle producers to clip or mow pastures for hay if seed heads are emerging and grazing is not keeping up with forage growth.  Harvesting excess growth resets the pastures and allows for high quality forage regrowth.  “If cattle producers mow pastures they may need to wait longer for grass regrowth to reach an acceptable grazing height,” says Davis. “Rest period is also important for proper forage growth during the grazing season,” says Davis.  Rest period allows forage to grow to optimum height prior to the next grazing period and gives plants the opportunity to replenish energy reserves.  These two factors help ensure high forage intake and plant persistence. Davis urges cattle producers to develop a rotational grazing system in order to better manage the rest period.  “Move cattle faster through the grazing rotation in early spring versus the late spring and into the summer,” says Davis.  Also, Davis urges producers to move cattle so they are not allowed to graze pasture regrowth without a rest period. “Lengthening the rest period many also increase pasture diversity by promoting native warm season grasses to grow in your cool-season pastures,” says Davis.  This helps provide forage for cattle to consume during the warmer months when cool-season grass growth slows and is lower quality.  Davis urges producers to add summer annuals such as crabgrass, pearl millet, and sudangrass to your grazing rotation to fill in the cool season grass slump. For any questions on how to manage your pastures for optimum forage production and cattle performance contact your local MU Extension Agronomy and Livestock Field Specialist.

“The Little Apple” was started by the A. C. Economic Development as way of informing residents of news and events sponsored by area businesses and organizations.  Items of a clearly personal nature, such as birthdays, anniversaries, awards (not group sponsored), personal sales and the like are not accepted for publication.  Please email articles for “The Little Apple” to by Tuesday evenings or bring them to Dr. Payton’s office to be included in that week’s edition.  To receive “The Little Apple” free by e-mail, send your e-mail address to  If you have changed your previous email address, you are asked to send the current address, so the list can be updated.