Archie Schools Preparing to Open for Upcoming School Year

Dear Archie Families,

As we present the school reopening plan to you please accept our heartfelt thanks for your patience, flexibility and support. Without your questions, input and genuine interest we could not have completed what we feel is the best plan for our Archie students. We ask that you take the time to not only watch the summary video, but carefully read the detailed plan and the explanation it contains as we feel it will answer your questions and reassure families as we get back to school.
Please take note that students returning to school for face-to-face instruction will start classes on August 25th and attend class throughout that week. However, face-to-face learners’ schedule will include one day of virtual/distance instruction each Wednesday starting Wednesday, September 2. Face-to-face learning will occur on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays each week. Wednesdays will be reserved for distance learning to allow the building to be deep cleaned, giving us the safest possible environment.This will also provide an opportunity for all students to become accustomed to the distance learning format. We will continue to instruct students with new content assignments and assessments should the school be forced to close,
This is a big change and will require families to take action when it comes to daycare and scheduling, but we feel that this is the most responsible decision to adopt for student and staff safety. Please remember to watch the video and read the plan carefully. We appreciate your time and attention.

Your Archie Administration Team

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