Attention Listeners, We Want Your Feedback

The staff at FM 92.1 would like your opinion on what you would like to see in our Bargain Buy Show. 

We are attempting to shake things up with new and different items in our Bargain Buy Show and would like the publics’ help for ideas.  If you know of an event, show or business that you would like to see us offer tickets and/or coupons for then please leave name of the show/event/business and the location in the comments.  Think broad from Kansas City to Branson. 

The Bargain Buy Show is where the radio station barters advertising for tickets or coupons from different businesses and then we pass the savings on to our listeners. 

We are asking for your feedback now because a lot of venues and businesses make their trades in late fall for the next year.  This is your chance to voice your opinions on what type of services you would like to see us offer in the future.  We thank you in advance.