Auxiliary Appreciation Week at BCMH

For Auxiliary Appreciation Week, Bates County Memorial Hospital celebrated their very special Auxiliary volunteers. Volunteers contribute a great deal to BCMH, its patients and employees, and their accomplishments include:

-4,600 hours of work in 2021

-$25,000 donated to BCMH from the proceeds of fundraisers and gift shop

-Several sponsored activities to show appreciation to BCMH health care workers

-Operation Sock-it-to-Me Service Project for schools in Bates County.

Bates County Memorial Hospital recognized Auxiliary members with a banquet on Friday, April 29. Members were given a pin for hours of service, and a hanging flower basket as a thank you gift from the hospital.

Volunteers perform many tasks, and their service is invaluable. Some of their tasks are not easy. In the past year, they helped patients with the screening process and gracefully bore the brunt of some who were frustrated with hospital safety measures for the pandemic.

Why volunteer? For BCMH volunteers, motivation ranges from having something to do, getting more exercise, to the enjoyment of the close friendships they create with other volunteers. Some do it to give back, either because the hospital did something for them or a family member, or they retired from the hospital. All Bates County Memorial Hospital volunteers enjoy helping others. Members enjoy a few perks for volunteering, include a free meal on their service days, and discounts on gift shop merchandise and BCMH health services.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with BCMH Auxiliary, speak to a volunteer at the information desk or gift shop, or visit

Auxiliary members pictured (front row, left to right): Beverly Wainwright, Donna Huber, Pat Friederich, Kathy Bunch, Faye Hunt and Lora Padley. Second row: Missie Good, Ramona Snyder, Carol Hedrick, Sherry York, Ruby Westmoreland, Holly Rabourn, Judy Taylor, Alvina Harrison-Wells and Kathleen Eckert. Third row: Bob Thomas, Carol Lewis, Barbara Weaver, Liz Schlechty, Pat Decker, Mike Humphrey (Chaplain) and Norman Black. Not pictured: Charlotte Guss, Dee Hall, Clayton Nichols, Doris Null, Kelly Stark, Phyllis McBrayer and Beth Taranto. Special recognition to volunteer Alan Mundey, whose family moved to Oklahoma this spring.