BACO Transport is Looking to Expand

BaCo Transport is looking to expand our service to the whole county in
stages. I am working with MRHA, HEALTH TRAN, both state agencys and 
WCMCAA, a local agency in Appleton city.

BaCo Transport News

“BaCo Transport needs help! BaCo is looking to expand out into the
County providing certain agreements are completed by our County’s
largest care provider BCMH. What we are looking for are volunteers to
transport residents from Adrian, Rich Hill and other small towns in our
County. Our program depends on volunteers to drive and provide their own
vehicle. There will be reimbursement for occupied mileage. We are
working with Missouri Rural Health Association (MRHA) and Health Tran to
provide this service to seniors 55+. As we grow we may be able to help
handicap and other residents who have no transportation for health
appointments. Right now we are providing City of Butler residents only,
but more than just health appointments. We need staffing and volunteers
to expand out program. We want to assist other small towns who need
transportation services for their community. Please contact Alvin
Griffin for more information at 660-679-7255 Again BaCo Transport is a
non profit, 501c3 organization established to help our seniors in Bates