BaCo Transport

BaCo Transport of Bates County is currently is serving local Butler seniors in their daily activities that require moving about. They take Covid-19 seriously and currently require their patrons and drivers to wear a mask. They sanitize the BaCo Transport vehicle after every trip.

BaCo Transport has installed a barrier between the driver and riders.
Only the back seat is used for riders. They ask the
passengers not to call if they have a cold or fever. The drivers are checked
at the beginning of their shift for temp and it is recorded. Continued
cooperation between the volunteers and riders will keep this transportation service  on the road.
BaCo Transport is a non-profit organization and  depend on donations
from the community to keep the service on the road.

The BaCo Transport riders are asked to donated a very small amount for each trip. They have special rider coupons that can be purchased by a rider or family members. Several organizations in Butler have already contributed funds for coupon purchased for the riders. BaCo Transport a 501c company and therefor your donations can be a tax credit personal or business.

The drivers and dispatchers are volunteers and give their time generously every week. If you would like to contribute to the program for Butler seniors, your donations or volunteer time would be appreciated. BaCo Transport 611 W Mill ST.
Butler, Mo. 64730 or contact us at 660-679-6322 or 660-679-7255

Submitted by:

Alvin Griffin