Ballard R-2 Re-Opening Plan 2020/2021

As Ballard R-2 School District transitions into the 2020-2021 school year, there are many unknowns in the educational world. However, in the midst of uncertainty, the district knows that families and communities need schools to be ready to reopen as soon as possible with guidance from local health officials.   These past several months have served as a great reminder of the role that public schools play in ensuring an equitable education for all students. Schools create conditions that support students with their social/emotional needs, develop lifelong friendships, explore their passions, and channel their energy into productive pursuits and activities.

As Ballard R-2 continue to navigate COVID-19 Coronavirus and the impact it has on our organization, they have never lost sight or focus on the impact it has also had on their staff, students and community. Ballard R-2 know that each individual has been impacted in different ways and that everyone has differing views on how they should return and what that should look like. Parents who choose not to send their students to school will have access to our Alternative Learning System. This decision will require a semester long commitment.

Commentary Regarding COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols

● The COVID-19 guidelines developed and presented below follow all applicable local, state, and federal guidelines and incorporate many best practices advocated by school associations and groups.

● The Ballard R-II School District is committed to providing a quality education to all students, while ensuring their safety and well-being.

● Parents/guardians with questions or concerns are asked to contact the Ballard R-2 Administration.

● This is a “working document” and is subject to change as new information is obtained and regulations evolve at the local, state and regional levels.

Arriving to School

Elementary students will report directly to classrooms upon arrival. Elementary students will be dismissed by class to eat breakfast.  7-12 students who wish to eat breakfast will do so upon arrival and then report to first hour.

Elementary will enter the building on the elementary side.  Elementary bus riders will enter the doors near the Superintendent’s office and the Elementary car riders will enter the doors at the playground.

Staff will monitor and encourage students to socially distance themselves from one another and not congregate.

Students will use hand sanitizer or wash hands upon arrival.

Students and staff will participate in temperature checks on an as-needed basis as determined by District Administration.


Students will exit building without congregating in the hallways and common areas.  Elementary will exit the building through the entrances for arrival.

Students will be informed on the first day of school on directions of loading the buses for the trip home.                                                                                                                                       

Breakfast and Lunch

Additional lunch shifts to reduce number of students in the cafeteria

Utensils provided by kitchen staff

Condiments will be put on trays by kitchen staff

Stagger dumping trays and space out lines

Microwaves will not be available for student use


Classes will have individual playground times

Space out lines


Specials classes will limit the use of shared equipment (including technology devices) as much as possible.

Specials classes will sanitize between uses.


Students in the same household will sit with members of the same household.

Seating charts encouraged with appropriate spacing between students.

Sanitation after routes.

Busses will be loaded from back to front.

Parents are encouraged to transport students.

Face masks are encouraged on bus trips.

Elementary and High School Day

Elementary students will have personal supply boxes; community sharing of supplies will be eliminated.

Desks will be used instead of tables to promote social distancing.

Traditional seating will be encouraged to promote social distancing.

Seating charts for all classes for contact tracing purposes.

The playground will be divided to avoid contact between grade levels; hand sanitizer will be used before recess and hand washing will be done after recess.

Classroom common areas will be rearranged and items removed that are not easily disinfected.

Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected often throughout the day (door handles, light switches, stair railings, etc.).

Students should use hand sanitizer or wash hands when entering and exiting the classroom.

Water fountains will be closed except refill stations; students will bring their own water bottle each day.  The students will receive a water bottle on the first day of school if they wish to have one.  Water bottles should be cleaned and maintained at home each day.

Encourage students to move through the hallways during passing time; no congregating.

Restroom use should be monitored to reduce number of students at one time; encourage hand washing frequently.

No community use of facilities will be permitted.

Vo-tech students will be attending in-person classes at this time and they are required to wear a face mask when attending Vo-tech.

Students and staff are highly encouraged to wear protective masks when distance of 6 feet from others is not possible or as directed by Administration / Staff. There will be situations where staff will be required to wear protective masks (food service, nurse’s office, passing in hallways, etc.).