Barco Drive-In closed to repair Projector

FM 92 has tickets available for Barco Drive-In through our bargain buy show.

On Saturday night, June 26th Barco Drive-In had their Projector Malfunction and it would not play movies.

Barco Drive-In attempted to get the projector repaired for Sunday night, June 27th but it is still having problems playing the movies.

Barco Drive-In will have a tech out on Monday, June 28th to repair the projector.  It you have tickets from Saturday night, June 26th Barco will honor those tickets on Friday July 2nd and Saturday July 3rd if the projector has been repaired.

Barco Drive-In apologizes for the inconvenience. Check Barco Drive-In’s Facebook page for updates on the projector repair and when they will reopen.