Bates and Cedar County Deputies Arrest Car Thief

On Friday July 29th Bates County Deputies were patrolling the Rich Hill area. A deputy observed a 2020 F150 vehicle driven by William Swarnes. Before the Deputy was able to turn around his vehicle, he lost sight of him in the Rich Hill area.

Shortly after that encounter Bates County deputies were advised by Cedar County Sheriff’s Office that they had released William Swarnes from jail and a white 2020 F150 was stolen within 10 minutes of his release.

A deputy from Cedar County had responded to the Rich Hill area knowing that Swarnes would be traveling in that area. The Cedar County Sergeant located the stolen truck abandoned on 4th and Cherry Street in Rich Hill.

Cedar County began working with Bates County Deputies to identify locations that Swarnes would be hiding. Deputies went 401 E Spruce to the Derr Camper and heard him talking with Mrs. Derr. When they knocked on the door Derr stated that no one else was in the camper. When confronted about the voices she insisted that she was talking on the phone.

Bates County Deputies were given consent to search the camper where they located William Swarnes under a blanket. Swarnes was taken into custody and released to the Cedar County Sergeant where he was transported to Cedar County Jail.

Mrs. Derr was taken into custody and placed on a 24 hour hold where charges were applied to the Prosecutor for hindering Prosecution.

While in Cedar County William Swarnes was arrested while in possession of a stolen vehicle. The agency that arrested him arrested and released him pending formal charges.

Cedar County has issued a warrant for these current charges of stealing a motor vehicle with a bond of $25,000 cash only.

On 3/24/22 Swarnes was charged with one count of knowingly burning and two counts of receiving stolen property. Swarnes was released on a $10,000 signature bond

On 04/25/2022 Swarnes pled guilty to stealing a motor vehicle unrelated to the above pending charges and received the following: 7 YEARS DOC, SES, 5 YEARS PROBATION, 40 HOURS COMMUNITY SERVICE BY 11/1/2022, $8575 RESTITUTION AS ORDERED

Sheriff Anderson says, “We are very acquainted with Swarnes and have recovered many stolen items to include vehicles, trailers and equipment from him or his residence. Swarnes is a persistent offender and has a long and lengthy arrest records streaming from Bates County to Springfield. It’s past time for our legislators to repeal catch and release and start putting career criminals, like Swarnes, behind bars and start protecting our citizens who work hard every day for their livelihoods. We are in a very volatile time in our country, people are struggling, and people are going to start taking things in their own hands if our legislators don’t start protecting Missourians.”