Bates County Baby Pantry Event

On March 23rd, Victory Assembly of God in Adrian will be hosting its next Baby Pantry event. During the event, they will be providing all of the essentials that parents of young children need, including diapers, formula, baby food, and toddler snacks. In addition, every child will receive a baby blanket to keep them cozy and warm. What sets this Baby Pantry apart is that the service provider offers customized baby products that are tailored to each child’s specific needs.

Baby boxes, also known as maternity boxes, have gained popularity in recent years as a practical and convenient solution for new mothers. These boxes typically contain a range of essential baby items, including clothes, diapers, wipes, and even baby blankets. Additionally, some baby boxes come with items for new moms, such as nursing pads and postpartum care products. The boxes themselves are also designed to serve as a safe and cozy sleeping space for newborns. Baby boxes offer a one-stop-shop for many of the essential items new mothers need, making them a valuable resource for busy parents who want to ensure that they have everything their baby needs.

Although there are no financial guidelines to qualify for the service, it’s recommended that participants make an appointment to ensure that the right products are available when they arrive. Walk-ins are also welcome, but making an appointment is the best way to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

The online link for making your appointment is If you don’t have internet access you can call 816-297-4248 to make your appointment.  The Baby Pantry is going to be a monthly event so watch the Victory Assembly of God Facebook page for Pantry dates.