Bates County Coroner Seeks the Publics Help

Sadly there are a couple of pending matters at the Coroner’s office which cause the need for public notice.

Laure Perkins (DOB 3/11/1965) died 1/8/2023 in Bates County. She does have surviving family members who began to take responsibility by seeking arrangements with a funeral home, but unfortunately did not continue to complete the arrangements. If you are a family member or close friend to Ms. Perkins and might be interested to take responsibility, contact the Coroner.

Nancy Shepherd (DOB 5/30/1953) died 1/25/2023 in Bates County. Ms. Shepherd is believed to not have surviving family and does have a friend willing to take responsibility, provided no there are indeed no surviving family members with superior rights as next-of-kin. If you are family to Ms. Shepherd or know of any, you are welcome to contact the Coroner.

Most respectfully,

Greg Mullinax

Bates County Coroner