Bates County Commissioners Commemorative Seal

Commissioners Commemorative Seal

Bates County Commissioners in recognition of moving public offices to a new location in 2019, have commissioned this seal as a representation of events in Bates County history. The seals original concept design was developed by Lucille Mundey, Jennifer Bolling and Peggy Buhr all from Bates County.  Michael Lee of Butler took their thoughts and put together the graphic design. Afterward the design was approved by the Commission and was printed by Billy Humble H3 Graphics. Production was paid for by Alvin Griffin Northern Commissioner.

     This seal represents Bates County and the historical events this County has experienced. The light bulb represents the first city west of the Mississippi to have electricity, the Dough Boy soldier, WW1, the farm scene, Bates County as an agriculture county, the coal shovel, the strip mining throughout the county, the North and South soldiers, the Civil war and the log cabin, our frontier history. On the outside of the emblems on top in print it states: RAZED BY FIRE, REBUILD WITH VISION,  GENERAL ORDER NO. 11. Underneath it states: AUGUST 25, 1863, THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES. The seal is on display in the Commissioner’s office located at 103 W Dakota St. and can be seen at any time.

     Your County Courthouse is not abandoned as some counties have done. Your court services both Circuit and Civil and Juvenile are still there. The license bureau and Missouri University Extension office have not moved either. The County intends to maintain the historic courthouse as is and several projects are being developed to ensure its longevity. Other news concerning the security of the Courthouse occupants and court functions is that soon a security system will be implemented and the courthouse will be locked down. Entrance for the public will be through the NW corner door. This location is ADA accessible and the security guard will be on duty. A metal detector will be in place as a deterrent to individuals who might wish to do harm to our Judges and court personnel.  

Submitted by Alvin Griffin Northern Commissioner