Bates County Community Resource Program

The Bates County Community Resource Program, a program established and funded by the Bates County Sheriff Department, is a peer led program that serves as a centralized starting point to “bridge the gap” between local resources and those in need.

Their mission at the BCCRC is to provide a lifeline of hope and support to anyone affected by substance abuse and addiction. Serving our community as a resource for individuals, families and loved ones seeking medical, spiritual, and emotional support.

The services provided here include, but are not limited to, substance abuse recovery and mental health support, recovery coaching, details on all local services in regard to these issues, care coordination, peer advice and mentoring, family support and education, anger management information, spiritual coaching, an accountability program, UA drug testing, job search and resume writing, and information on GED/HISET testing.

The program director, Rachelle Mallatt, has true life experiences, training, and the passion it takes to make a difference. All services provided are free, the BCCRC is a not-for-profit organization. The only requirements to qualify are a desire for a better life and a commitment to change.

Inpatient treatment services are extremely hard to access at this time, there are waiting lists at most places. Working this program Bates County Community Resources Program can put together an extensive outpatient program to fit each individual need and give you the support you need to establish a recovery program that can give your lifelong success!!

Family support and education is a main focus of the program right now, if you have a loved one that is struggling, please do not hesitate to reach out and see how they can work together to get the loved one the help they need to find recovery!

The Bates County Community Resource Program is located at 13 W. Dakota St in Butler, MO.

Rachelle Mallatt is available Monday-Friday 8-4 and can be reached at 660-227-3686