Bates County Coroner Rules Amoret Woman’s Death a Homicide

Wanda Czechan was a 57 year-old female who lived in Amoret, Missouri. On February 17, 2020 she was the victim of an assault at her residence. Mrs. Czechan was attended by emergency medical personnel and subsequently transported to a hospital in Kansas City. She passed away April 25, 2020 at a rehabilitation facility.

Bates County Coroner, Greg Mullinax, was notified by the Bates County Sheriff’s Office and investigated the death of Mrs. Czechan. An autopsy was conducted and reports of the incident by law enforcement were reviewed as well as Mrs. Czechan’s inpatient medical records throughout her hospital course.

The investigation concluded yesterday, June 30. The coroner has ruled the death of Wanda Czechan a homicide. The investigation has been forwarded to the Bates County Prosecuting Attorney.