Bates County Emergency Management Services: Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Basic Things You Can Do To Help Stop The Spread of COVID-19

*Stay at home.

*Only go out for necessities.

*Limit trips.

 Food- Buy food you can prepare at home. Buy enough to last a week. Do not make trips to the store daily. Make a list. Plan meals ahead. Not only will this help to stop the spread but it will also save you money now and in the future as you develop new habits as well as give you the opportunity to eat healthier which will also strengthen your immune system.

Medicine- It is recommended that you do not let medicines get critically low. Pharmacies and doctors will work with you to insure you get your needed medications. If you need medicine to keep you healthy call your pharmacy.

Work- Many of you do work in what are being called essential jobs. If there is any option for you to work from home, do so. If you must continue to go to work be sure to use universal precautions and social distancing as best you can to insure the safety of everyone.

Any other necessary things- This is where you have to take time to make a decision. Ask yourself if what you are going for is an essential item, or can you live without it, is it worth taking the chance?  If you absolutely have to get out, then do so just make sure to minimize the exposure risk for yourself and others.