Bates County Fair 2022/ July 5th-10th Pending schedule released

Fair Information: 2022

The schedule is posted at the bottom of this post. There are some important dates coming up that are important to remember.

May 27: Sheep, goat and swine nomination forms due

June 7: Livestock entry forms due

June 26: Fairground clean-up

June 30: Fair building set-up for evaluation judging

July 5-10: Bates County Youth Fair

We are finishing up the Fair book and will get it posted on the website hopefully today.


Tuesday, July 5

6:00 am 4H Horse registration

7:00 am Horse Show

10:00 am 4H & FFA Evaluation Judging

5:00 pm Parade

5:30 pm Bates Co Bash Food

6:30 pm Fashion Review

7:30 pm Pee Wee Livestock Show

Wednesday, July 6

7:30 am Junior Goat & Sheep Weigh-in

8:00 am Rabbits & Poultry Check In

9:00 am Junior Rabbit Show

Junior Poultry Show will follow the Rabbit Show (there will be a short break)

1:00 pm Junior Goat Show

3:00 pm Junior Sheep Show

6:00 pm Baby Show

6:30 pm Super Teens

7:30-10 pm Swine Weigh-in

Thursday, July 7

8:00 am Junior Swine Show

10:00 am Beef Weigh-in

3:00 pm Junior Beef & Steer Show

5:00 pm Cattleman’s Steak Dinner

7:00 pm Tractor Pull

Friday, July 8

9:00 am Round Robin

5:00 pm Bates Co Fair Board Steak & Chop Dinner

7:00 pm Awards

7:30 pm Junior Livestock Sale

Saturday & Sunday, July 9-10

10:00 am Draft Horse and Mule Show