Bates County Fair Baby Contest Results

baby crawling cartoon pic

The Bates County Fairs annual Baby Contest was held Wednesday, July 7th. Winners are as follows:

0-3 months girls: Marlee Shannon. Daughter of Jake and Ashley Shannon 0-3 month boys: Kaden Needham. Son of Chaz and Whitney Needham.

4-6 month girls: Gemma Reynolds. Daughter of Kristian and Kylee Reynolds. 4-6 month boys: David Swanson. Son of Micah and Robin Swanson.

7-12 month girls: BrayLeigh Hammer. Daughter of Josh and Andrea Hammer. 7-12 month boys: Sawyer Lockard. Son of Jeff and Stephanie Lockard.

13-18 month girls: Alaynah Eldridge. Daughter of Nikko and Mickayla Eldridge. 13-18 month boys: Carson Nieder. Son of Colby and Amanda Nieder.

19-24 girls: Aunah Yarick. Daughter of Andy Yarick and Cheyenne Page. 19-24 month boys: Easton Jackson. Son of Wyatt and Kaitlin Jackson.

25-36 month girls: McKenna Fairbanks. Daughter of Sarah Fairbanks. 25-36 month boys: Derx Lacy. Son of Trent and Jenna Lacy.

37-48 month girls: Renly Martin. Daughter of Kyle and Jenay Martin.

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